Premiere: Stream Sampson's New Single 'Hold Me Back'

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Sampson are an indie rock-pop band from Sydney. Sampson are an indie rock-pop band from Sydney.

Sydney-based psych rock, indie pop group, Sampson's newest single is titled 'Hold Me Back', a song about those fleeting moments in relationships that highlight the special people in your life.

Atmospheric, swirly, psych-tinged indie rock overflowing with indie pop sensibilities, it isn't a stretch either to pair 'Hold Me Back' to the musical worlds inhabited by the likes of Phoenix, MGMT and Tame Impala.

A song that was mostly written without the input of frontman Daniel Hockey (who was away from the band while he got married and honeymooned in January), 'Hold Me Back' finds the five-piece band becoming more adventurous with their songwriting.

"We are starting to find a groove with songwriting," the band says. "We've never really been able to put together a song in the same way as 'Hold Me Back', so it's nice to be getting into a groove.

"This song is probably our most adventurous production yet and contains a bunch of weird sounds; the most bizarre being the riser in the pre-chorus, which is actually a sample of a dying whale that we messed around with."

Ahead of the song's release tomorrow (18 March), scenestr is pumped to premiere 'Hold Me Back' today. Enjoy.

Alongside frontman Daniel Hockey, the rest of the band features Joel Morrow (lead guitar), the Sampson twins: Matthew (bass, BVs, synth) and Brendan (drums), as well as Sam Langley (synth).

"'Hold Me Back' really cements a shift in genre from our early releases," the band adds.

"In terms of lyrics, it's about relationships and how time, location, jobs, changing circumstances etc. can make them feel fleeting and transient, but it's up to you whether you let those things hold you back from holding onto special people in your life."

Sampson launch 'Hold Me Back' at Waywards at Bank Hotel (Sydney) 19 March.



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