Premiere: Stream Ryan Munro's Debut Single 'By The Water'

Ryan Munro's debut single is titled 'By The Water'. Ryan Munro's debut single is titled 'By The Water'.

Discovered in the pouring rain at last year's Buskers By The Creek (Gold Coast) by co-ordinator Cindy Jensen, in the final hours of the festival, it was clear Ryan Munro is serious about chasing his dreams.

After performing at Surfers Paradise Live 2019, this young man jumped straight into the studio at Love St to finish his debut single, 'By The Water', recorded and mixed by Scott French and mastered by Paul Blakey.

'By The Water' is an intimate, but powerful composition combining violins and cellos cascading alongside the powerful strength of Ryan's rustic vocals.

Cindy Jensen describes it as: "A tasty cocktail infused with rustic grunge, blues and roots, classically-inspired alternative folk garnished with a little bit of hip hop."

Adds Ryan: “The track came together after one of my visits alone to Currumbin Creek - the same spot where I always went to play and vent and reconnect with my cheapest counsellor; my six-string Maton. This time the reflection of my love for the mother of my three amazing children came to the surface.

"A song of reflection and acceptance, 'By The Water' symbolises a place of cleansing."

Ahead of the song's commercial release tomorrow, scenestr is stoked to premiere an exclusive stream of 'By The River' today. Enjoy.

"After years of rearranging it over and over in my mind," continues Ryan, "the song was eventually recorded on three separate days over three weeks, and the time had come to officially walk away and wait for the final product.

"A week of anxious excitement later, the track was mastered and my song that was a moment at that same river was now my first single."

Ryan Munro launches 'By The River' at Balter Brewery (Gold Coast) 17 August. Ryan has additional shows at The Scottish Prince (Gold Coast) 13 August and Cardigan Bar (Brisbane) 23 August.



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