Premiere: Stream Romanie's New Single 'I'm Anything (But Myself Around You)'

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'I'm Anything' (But Myself Around You)' is the new single from Melbourne-based indie pop-folk artist Romanie. 'I'm Anything' (But Myself Around You)' is the new single from Melbourne-based indie pop-folk artist Romanie.

After relocating to Melbourne from her Belgium home in October 2019, Romanie's new single is the rustic yet quaint, dreamily intimate 'I'm Anything (But Myself Around You)'.

Written February 2020 and recorded at Small Time Group with producer James Seymour (Feelds, Merpire), 'I'm Anything' finds Romanie contemplating the emotional toll of constantly presenting the best version of ourselves and the mental anguish that can generate.

"The song is about how everyone wants to show their best selves to social media, at work, even to their close circle of family and friends," Romanie says.

"We always try our best to be happy, but I think sometimes we also just need to be a bit more real and call out if it's not okay.

"Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we want to speak out against someone, but we don't really dare to break the peace."

Ahead of its release on Friday (26 February), scenestr is ecstatic to premiere 'I'm Anything (But Myself Around You)' today. Enjoy.

With musical inspirations including Lucy Rose, Julia Stone and Phoebe Bridgers, Romanie's own music offers a personal insight into the artist's mind as she often unpacks melancholic and sometimes personal topics via song.

"I made the big trip across the ocean to Melbourne in October 2019 to start a new adventure at the other side of the world," Romanie says.

"Leaving everything behind that felt familiar – insecurity and overthinking were my first few friends I unpacked from my suitcase.

"I had to start over what I had left behind in Belgium (playing shows regularly, releasing my first EP 'Feelings', having a good network and friends).

"Seeing all the creative energy and talent in Melbourne, I soon got a bit overwhelmed and started to worry I would never find my feet in the music industry.

"This creative energy however, made me want to work hard and practice my craft to grow and figure out where I want to go with my music.

"I was very lucky to land in a network where I am inspired every day. I think I've never written as many songs as I did in the past year."

Romanie plays Charles Weston Hotel (Melbourne) 27 February, Babes Against Bullsh.t Endometriosis fundraiser at The Night Cat (Melbourne) 4 March and supporting Scott Candlish at Wesley Anne (Melbourne) 6 March.

'I'm Anything (But Myself Around You)' is released 26 February.



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