Premiere: Stream OMRA's New Single 'Weightless'

OMRA is an indie pop artist from Brisbane.
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Brisbane artist OMRA's newest release, 'Weightless', is a sonic catharsis for anyone emerging from the emotional clouds of a failed relationship.

Strikingly cinematic pop moulded to gleaming galactic indietronica that harnesses a sense of freedom and lightness, 'Weightless' is like a Portishead-Goldfrapp meets Olivia Rodrigo-Meg Mac union of styles.

The rhythm section maintains a tight beat yet allows for spacious tones to overflow the melody, while OMRA's vocals are imbued with an angelic innocence though her lyrics detail a mature outlook when dealing with the heartache and loss of someone special.

"To me this song is all about empowering our ability to let go and hold space for new possibilities, no matter how much pain was once there for someone we’ve lost," OMRA aka Olivia Gane says.

"It's that sudden realisation that the heaviness has left for good, and you feel as light as air and a million miles away from the old you. I hope people can connect to that sense of liberation when they hear this song."

Ahead of the song's release tomorrow (19 April), scenestr is stoked to premiere 'Weightless' today. Enjoy.

"You experience a sudden awakening; a realisation that somehow you've detached with only time and perseverance to thanks," adds Olivia, discussing 'Weightless' further.

"You could be in the same city, in the same cafe where all of your memories took place, and yet you feel a million miles away from your previous life with that person.

"In my experience, this sensation leaves you feeling both completely free and fascinated by this new vacant space where such a deep and haunting feeling of attachment once dwelled."

'Weightless' follows OMRA's previous single 'Plastic Paradise', which landed on the 4ZZZ Top 20 in December ahead of her appearance at 2023-2024 Woodford Folk Festival. While her recent cover of Boy & Bear's 'Harlequin Dream' deserves an opening slot for the indie folk legends upcoming tour.

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