Premiere: Stream Oly Sherman's New Single 'Three Oh Three'

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Oly Sherman's new EP, 'Three Oh Three', is released 30 August, 2019. Oly Sherman's new EP, 'Three Oh Three', is released 30 August, 2019. Image: Facebook

With a hauntingly beautiful intro that bounces into a jangly indie-pop beat that's better than a freshly brewed cup of coffee, Australian indie-folk singer-songwriter Oly Sherman lets the listener inside his world with 'Three Oh Three' – a song that details his own heart procedure that left him with a pacemaker two years ago.

The song is also the title track of his forthcoming EP (out 30 August), an intensely personal release where Sherman invites you in to gather an insight into the workings of a creative going through one of the most significant moments of their life.

The inspiration for 'Three Oh Three' comes from a very specific time as Oly dealt with the recovery from his surgery.

"My pacemaker. . . would literally tick over everyday at 3:03pm and it sent me a little insane. I could basically narrow it down and describe the sensation through writing music and lyrics that I had come up with," Oly says.

Ahead of the single's release on Friday (23 August), scenestr is stoked to share an exclusive stream of 'Three Oh Three' today; so boil the kettle, grab a Tim Tam or Monte Carlo (f... it, both) and allow yourself a slice of indie-pop perfection that treads a darker narrative but with bright strokes of sound.

The 'Three Oh Three' EP is released 30 August.

Oly Sherman 2019 Tour Dates

Fri 6 Sep - The Lansdowne (Sydney) - supporting Slum Sociable
Sat 7 Sep - Golden Age Cinema (Sydney) - supporting Liquid Time
Thu 12 Sep - Lord Gladstone (Sydney)
Fri 27 Sep - Coogee Bay Hotel (Sydney)
Sat 5 Oct - Yulli’s Brews (Sydney)
Wed 16 Oct - Lazybones (Sydney)
Sat 26 Oct - Low 302 (Sydney)
Wed 6 Nov - Sounds on The Terrace @ Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney


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