Premiere: Stream Oh Bailey's New Single 'Stuck Up'

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Oh Bailey is an electronic, pop artist from Brisbane. Oh Bailey is an electronic, pop artist from Brisbane. Image © Josette Althaus

A current finalist of the 2021 QUBE Effect, Brisbane's electronic pop songstress Oh Bailey follows up her strong debut year with her newest single, the electro-bubbly ballad 'Stuck Up'.

Recently graduating from JMC Academy with a bachelor's degree in music, Oh Bailey originally wrote the hook to 'Stuck Up' six years ago while she was still at high school.

"I remember singing the melody onto my old iPhone then kind of forgetting about it until I wrote the song in 2019," Oh Bailey says.

It's a song about the enduring memories of experiencing young love for the first time, the ebbs and flow, and how hard it can be to move on.

"It's about how no matter how much you've gone through together good or bad, you can't stop loving them.

"Your first love always holds a special place in your heart; I like to think that I'll always think fondly of them."

Ahead of the song's release tomorrow, scenestr has the pleasure to premiere 'Stuck Up' today. Enjoy.

While she wrote most of the synth tracks and created the song through GarageBand on her iPhone before moving it to Logic Pro X, Oh Bailey wanted something a little extra to sprinkle on top.

That's where Gold Coast producer and electronic, hip hop artist Maximo enters the frame. "Working with producer Maximo was a really fun process," Oh Bailey says.

"I came to him with the song pretty well finished, but it was missing a bit of fairy dust to take the song to the next level and he went above and beyond to transform the song into the synth dream-boat that it is now.

"We had a lot of fun recording the vocals; they were probably my favourite studio sessions by far!

"It was the perfect combination of Maximo preparing snacks for us, good laid-back energy and, of course, Maximo had a dog, which was a huge bonus for me."

Oh Bailey launches 'Stuck Up' at Tomcat (Brisbane) 27 March; free entry.



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