Premiere: Stream NOSILA's Debut EP 'Salud Amor Dinero'

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NOSILA is the moniker of South Australian multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Simon Hatch. NOSILA is the moniker of South Australian multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Simon Hatch.

A project that's been four years in the making, 2021 has welcomed the arrival of Adelaide multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Simon Hatch's artistic moniker NOSILA.

Inspired to start creating as a tribute to his late sister Alison, NOSILA became an avenue for Hatch to navigate the unpredictable emotions arising from dealing with such a traumatic event.

The result is a sonic landscape ranging from delicate guitars and gentle percussion and rhythms to searing indie alt-rock with psychedelic flashes throughout. As the press release states, it's 'music for being alone to, to contemplate to, and hopefully to be understood by'.

"I think for the most part, I write about what I think she felt and thought about, and how those thoughts and feelings somehow migrated over and on to me; not in a bad way, but definitely in a challenging and confronting way," Simon says.

After releasing his debut single last month, NOSILA is now ready to unveil his debut EP of the same title, 'Salud Amor Dinero', which features four songs.

Ahead of its release tomorrow, scenestr is stoked to premiere the 'Salud Amor Dinero' EP today. Enjoy.

The EP begins with the title track and its folk-flavoured indie rock stylings that evoke comparisons to Passenger, Boy & Bear, Lior.

'Anyway' is more of an introspective ride with a gentle, plucking guitar and washed out instrumentation joined by NOSILA's enriching vocals – it's the ideal track to become lost in thought, mulling ideas.

Then 'Stay Awake' cranks the energy, injecting a rock & roll swagger to proceedings, Simon ratcheting up the guitar levels as well as adding drums that pack an electric energy.

Final song 'Rough House' continues the voyage into alternative, grunge territory, with swirls of psych guitars layered over steadfast drumming.

This maybe a debut EP, but once you've consumed these four tracks we're betting you'll be massive fan of NOSILA. We are.



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