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Premiere: Stream Nocturnal Animals' New Single 'Dancing In The Blood'

Nocturnal Animals newest single is titled 'Dancing In The Blood'.
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A chunky, intimidating riff opens Nocturnal Animals' newest single 'Dancing In The Blood', which quickly explodes into a maelstrom of vicious-sounding grunge-pop that hints at alternative-emo-punk aesthetics.

The driving drums and agitated electric guitar parts infuse an angsty rhythm that pulsates with a foreboding energy, which is heightened by the manic vocals.

Don't sleep on the scintillating mid-track guitar solo either – it's inclusion will have your raising the horns, head-banging along (long hair not included!).

"The song is about the raw and fleeting feeling of passion that comes from the endorphins as you play the push-and-pull act of hollow intimacy," the band says, "both people knowing it isn't forever but nevertheless making them feel comforted in the entanglement of one and other's bodies."

Ahead of the song's release tomorrow (29 April), scenestr is stoked to premiere 'Dancing In The Blood' today. Enjoy.

The follow-up to previous 2022 single 'Where's My Mind Been?', 'Dancing In The Blood' holds special significance for the Adelaide trio.

"'Dancing In The Blood' is a song that we hold dear because it's the first song we've written together in practice," Dylan Martin says.

"Starting from the bassline, which was something to keep noise going between songs as the guitar tuned, suddenly there was a beat thumping along, this was quickly followed by the hypnotising guitar you hear on the track.

"Our usual process is for one of the members to bring the skeleton of a song in and we all add to the piece; this was exciting to write in a different process instead jamming the song until perfect like your Grandmother's Sunday roast.

"We explored a wider sound too, the guitar in particular goes into a place that combines DZ Deathrays, Rage Against The Machine and Muse aesthetics while we put a point into giving the drums a punk take on an EDM dance beat.

"This leaves room for the bass to ride the riff and melody similar to something, in a weird way, a PNAU or Presets track would."

The band will launch 'Dancing In The Blood' at Adelaide Unibar on 21 May.

"A moment that stands out from the recording process," adds Dylan, "is pulling guitar tones, we got into it!

"We had such a mixture of sounds going, allowing ourselves to open the range of the band. The hardest part became picking which to go with."

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