Premiere: Stream Nighteyes' New Single 'Plenty'

Nighteyes is a Melbourne-based independent artist.
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A relatively new talent, New Zealand-born, Melbourne-based artist Rachel Trainor is the creative behind the solo moniker Nighteyes.

A concoction of smouldering, synth-filled alt rock and heavy-beat, murky, atmospheric indietronica that congeals into a blend of mesmerising if haunting alt folk, noir pop, Nighteyes released her debut single 'Lowlight' last year.

2023 has seen Nighteyes follow-up with 'In The Wake' single and a dance collab with Naarm-based IDM producer Divine Waves titled 'Delilah'.

The next sonic chapter is 'Plenty'. Dank, sullen, foreboding tones that encapsulate a harsh beauty that's highlighted by starkly picked guitar lines that also glint with a golden hue offering hope, resilience, and respite.

The track continues to build its restless intensity, descending into a sludgy, moody, fierce, simmering mess of swampy alt rock embodied by doom-laden fuzzy guitars and menacing drums-bass that evoke aspects of the occult and unnatural forces.

It's an intoxicating brew that's heightened further by Rachel's potent yet graceful vocals that straddle both dark and light shades that's at once both evocative and sinister.

Ahead of the song's release tomorrow (20 October), scenestr is thrilled to premiere 'Plenty' today. Enjoy.

"'Plenty' is a praise to our Mother Earth, and also a lament to what's already been lost due to human-driven climate change," shares Nighteyes.

"I wanted to write a song that showed my deep appreciation for what the planet provides us, hence the title, 'Plenty', and also find a way to express my frustration with the lack of progress our species has taken to avoid a climate disaster."

The natural world feeds a lot of inspiration for the creative direction of Trainor's works, an aspect that weaved its way into the making of 'Plenty'. "I find a lot of inspiration in nature, so it felt natural to write a song about this topic.

"I hope people think a little about this after listening, and perhaps appreciate all our great Earth does for us a little more."

'Plenty' is the lead single of Nighteyes' debut album, 'The Way Back Down' (out 10 November), which navigates themes of trauma, love, sorrow, environmental consciousness, connection, and transformation.

"'The Way Back Down' is a journey through our collective unconscious, through realms unknown, the darkness and the light," Rachel says.

Nighteyes launches 'The Way Back Down' at Whole Lotta Love (Melbourne) 10 November with Oceanlord and Maggie Rachel Lockhart.

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