Premiere: Stream My Giddy Aunt's New Single 'Bugs'

My Giddy Aunt are an indie rock band from Melbourne.
Our eclectic team of writers from around Australia – and a couple beyond – with decades of combined experience and interest in all fields.

A queer and neurodivergent indie-rock trio from Naarm, My Giddy Aunt are intent on sharing their colourful, diverse musical palette as they work towards the release of their debut album, '8 Billion Characters In The Worst Movie Ever'.

The album's lead single is 'Bugs'. Vibrantly zippy yet vividly spacious, with a joyful though somewhat cheeky attitude, 'Bugs' is a quirky art rock ditty that'll wrap itself around your ears like a friendly cat.

The song's sparkly, gleaming instrumentation glows with an indie intensity that's infectious, while singer (and the band's songwriter) Rory Vagg's impassioned vocals will have you believing that bug's lives matter (too).

Lyrically, the song is depicted from a bugs' world view, whimsically telling the story of an insect revolution in your backyard that doubles as a lighthearted message about environmental issues.

Tonight, we'll fight
The worms of the world shall rise
Bugs to the left of me
Bugs to the right

"Writing 'Bugs' taught us a powerful lesson about taking your jokes seriously," shares Rory, who is joined in My Giddy Aunt by Luke Perry (guitar)) and Océane Federow-Yemm (bass).

"We had been tossing around the idea of a song featuring a Les Mis-style dramatic uprising, undertaken by valiant yet tragically doomed garden critters, but it was always a bit of a niche idea."

Ahead of the song's release tomorrow (29 March), scenestr is proud to premiere 'Bugs' today. Enjoy.

One of the band's major influences also played a role in My Giddy Aunt refining the idea that formed 'Bugs'. "It was really only when we came up with the line 'the worms of the world have rights' that we really started enjoying the idea and wanted to flesh it out into a song," adds Rory.

"We were kind of embarrassed and nervous about sharing such an out-there idea though until we saw a Phoebe Bridgers interview where she said 'your greatest ideas are your jokes'.

"Hearing this sentiment from one of our biggest idols was incredibly inspiring and gave us the confidence that turned 'Bugs' into the song we're so proud of today."

'Bugs' also acts as a reminder to the trio to embrace frivolous subject matter in the pursuit of their art. "In our experience, people tend to dismiss pieces of art that seems jokey or unserious," Rory says.

"When making 'Bugs', we were partly fuelled by the desire to disprove these norms and show people that just because the topic might not be super serious, it's still detailed, thoughtful and worth making. Write songs about anything, there are no rules!"

My Giddy Aunt launch 'Bugs' at Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar (Melbourne) 11 April. The band also support Operation Karma at Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar (Melbourne) 30 March.

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