Premiere: Stream Momoko Rose's New Single 'Softboi'

Momoko Rose is an independent artist based in Melbourne.
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A self-described misfit, queer Japanese-Australian artist Momoko Rose has penned an anthem for those who've encountered a toxic relationship/s.

Stylised, evocative electro-pop that bounces with a lively, dynamic beat that'll seductively energise listeners, Momoko Rose's new single 'Softboi' is an examination of modern relationships and the dreary dating stories shared by her female friends.

As the song details the covert ways in which toxic masculinity impacts society, Momoko Rose's soft, tranquil vocals (that feature Confidence Man and Tove Styke feels) draw you into her musical realm of wistfulness and wit.

"'Softboi' is written from the perspective of an emotionally sensitive guy who simultaneously craves love yet shies away from genuine intimacy," Momoko Rose says.

"He embodies the 'woe is me' narrative when his feelings are unrequited, but paradoxically avoids real emotional connections when they come his way.

"With a tinge of sexual entitlement reminiscent of the 'nice guy' mentality, he resorts to a pretentious and '#deep' facade, ultimately repelling those he seeks to attract.

"In his self-imposed torment, he cries that no woman could love or even comprehend someone as deeply tortured as him, when in reality he's just infuriatingly wanky."

Ahead of the song's release tomorrow (3 November), scenestr is excited to premiere 'Softboi' today. Enjoy.

"This 'Softboi' character was constructed from my friends' dating anecdotes and conversations with certain men," adds Momoko Rose. "I think it extends beyond gender boundaries, resonating with anyone who struggles with vulnerability.

"Unintentionally, the song also mirrors the rising phenomenon of 'situationships', a concept that I've noticed being increasingly memed.

"It's funny because, despite how it may seem, this song isn't a direct reflection of my own dating experiences; rather, it's a manifestation of my fascination with the unhinged stories and toxic relationship dynamics that people experience."

Celebrating this next release in full style, Momoko Rose and her band will take the stage at Mamma Chen's (24 November) – Footscray's mother and daughter owned venue – joined by Catie Alison and Wild Gloriosa.

"During the creative process for 'Softboi'," continues Momoko Rose, "I compiled a Spotify playlist of 'softboi inspo' featuring artists ranging from Anderson .Paak to Tkay Maidza to yeule.

"Although the song doesn't closely mimic any specific artist, I drew inspiration from specific elements to craft a unique sound that contributed to the overall composition.

"One of my fondest memories from the recording process was when I recorded the 'ayyyyyyyy' shouts in the background of the halftime section. We initially considered finding a sample, but I ended up yelling "ayyyyyyyy" from different parts of the room and my producer, Rino Darusman, joined in on the fun.

"Collaborating with Rino was an absolute pleasure and I eagerly anticipate future creative endeavours with him."

Momoko Rose and her band play Mamma Chen's (Melbourne) on 24 November.

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