Premiere: Stream Mihka Chee's New EP 'Mess!'

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Mihka Chee's new EP is titled 'Mess!'. Mihka Chee's new EP is titled 'Mess!'.

Sydney-based pop-rock multi-instrumentalist Mihka Chee is ready to unleash her energetic new EP, 'Mess!'.

Three years removed from her debut EP, Mihka has spent the ensuing years building her live reputation in front of audiences while continuously working on material for a follow-up release.

With a voice reminiscent of Janet from Spiderbait, even a touch of Patience from The Grates, the title track 'Mess!' bounces along at a frentic rock pace.

"'Mess!' is about how I've faced my insecurities, mistakes and challenges; it's about taking responsibilities and moving on," Mihka says.

'Coattails' is a slightly more sedated romp, with crunchy guitar riffage married to Mihka's sugary-sweet vocals, highlighting an impressive vocal range compared to 'Mess!'. Added strings towards the end make it a highlight of the three songs.

Final track, 'Consummate Performer', yet again brings a slightly different shade from Mihka's vocal palette, as she heads into grunge-y territory while retaining a pop fabric throughout – it's like salted caramel; very tasty.

"I'm just excited to have more music out into the world," beams Mihka. "Learning, performing and creating music has added so much to my life and I'm really grateful that I can express myself in this way."

Ahead of the release of 'Mess!' on Thursday (24 September), scenestr is stoked to premiere the EP today. Enjoy.

"Pete Grant, my legend of a drummer was really stoked with how the tracks turned out and said that this EP was one of the best recordings he's ever worked on," adds Chee.

"That meant so much to me – that I'd written these songs, he added his magic to them and really enjoyed the process."

Pete's confidence in Mihka's new material and the process to record them has filtered into Chee's own creative outlook.

"Bringing on band members to invest their time, energy and creativity in your songs is a big responsibility, but it's also incredibly rewarding when you feel like you're on the same page with someone musically – it's like finding a musical soulmate. It made me feel more confident as a songwriter and musician."



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