Premiere: Stream Midnight F...boys Debut Album 'Greatest Hits'

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Brisbane indie rockers, Midnight F...boys debut album is titled 'Greatest Hits'. Brisbane indie rockers, Midnight F...boys debut album is titled 'Greatest Hits'.

Mates since their high school days, Brisbane garage rockers Midnight F...boys have already drawn plenty of attention – their 2018 debut single 'Harry's Never Had A Girlfriend' racking up 400,000 streams alone.

The five-piece have since released a number of singles, including 'Under Your Spell' and 'Why You Going Home So Early?'.

After a stellar set at Brisbane's Mountain Goat Valley Crawl just before the world turned upside down, they've kept the burners set to high, adding more DIY songs to their kit bag – like 'Bow & Arrow' and 'Stumbling Drunk'.

Midnight F...boys are now ready to unleash their debut album that they've titled 'Greatest Hits' (which was mixed and mastered by Fletcher Horne of Rage Love Records). "We've always had an unspoken agreement not to take anything other than the music itself too seriously," the band declares.

"The idea came up for a debut album to be titled 'Greatest Hits', which seemed just stupid enough to be irreplaceable."

It's a record that explores youth, debauchery, and desire relatable to those in their 20s. "We're just so proud of it," the lads explain, "having a record out is something we've all dreamed about for a long time.

"It means a great deal to us. Obviously, we hope it sells like hot cakes but at the end of the day we don't really mind if a hundred people hear it or if a million people hear it. As long as 80 people hear it, we're happy."

Consisting of Harry Heenan (vocals, guitar), Murray Thorpe (vocals, keys), Connor Nicholson (lead guitar), Harris Wakeling (drums), and Charlie Armstrong (bass), the band explain that "before any of us picked up instruments, we were just absorbing music for years, sort of subconsciously developing a taste.

"Then eventually the left side of the brain decided to do something with all of the musical knowledge stored over the years."

Ahead of the album's release on Friday (31 July), scenestr is stoked to premiere 'Greatest Hits' today. Enjoy.

'Greatest Hits' is released 31 July. Click here to pre-order it (including on vinyl).

Midnight F...Boys' 'Greatest Hits' Tracklist

1. Bow & Arrow
2. Harry's Never Had A Girlfriend
3. Goon & Juice
4. Why You Going Home So Early?
5. Under Your Spell
6. Stumbling Drunk
7. Out Of Luck
8. I Get Nervous When You Fly



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