Premiere: Stream Michael Day's New Single 'Storm'

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WA singer-songwriter , Michael Day has released his second single titled 'Storm'. WA singer-songwriter , Michael Day has released his second single titled 'Storm'.

Perth alt-folk singer-songwriter Michael Day presents his second release (after his debut single 'Guildford' earlier this year), with the brooding ballad 'Storm'.

"Storm is a haunting array of shadows and dark colour," Michael says.

"It's a moody piece and a reflection on the troubles of life, as well as our ability to miscommunicate. It invites the listener to ponder, and calls for discussion as oppose to argument."

With a background in classical guitar and influences as diverse as Newton Faulkner, Hilltop Hoods, John Mayer and The Cat Empire, Michael performs either as a soloist or fronting a five-piece band.

"'Storm' for me was the struggle of watching people in society and in the media, and seeing them not really know how to have conversation," Michael adds.

"Like if you disagree with someone, that has to be the end of friendship and all communication. They are the worst and are 'bad people'. It's like cancel culture.

"It seems conversations are becoming harder to actually witness, like we get our backs up and are ready to die on any hill we currently deem fit.

"I guess the main point for me writing 'Storm' was to say we need to be having conversations and especially those with people whom we completely disagree with. It enables us to love those people because we build connections and value the person."

Ahead of its commercial release tomorrow, scenestr is stoked to today premiere 'Storm'. Enjoy.

"We recorded 'Storm' in a day at Debaser Studio with Andy Lawson. He is amazing!" adds Michael.

"We asked Dave Rajendram to do some rim clicks and were waiting for him to sit down to record the snare, but instead was standing up and just tapping his sticks.

"Both Andy and myself were like 'cool that's a bit different', Dave was adamant this sounds best. So we recorded some normal rim clicks and listened back and Dave was right. His stick clicks were so much clearer and fuller than the standard rim click."

Michael Day launches 'Storm' with his band at The Sewing Room (Perth) 30 October. He plays solo at Backyard Gigs Vol 2 at a Hillarys backyard (Perth) on 6 November.



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