Premiere: Stream Martika's Debut Single 'How Did I Get Here'

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Martika's debut single is titled 'How Did I Get Here'. Martika's debut single is titled 'How Did I Get Here'.

The enigmatic Martika has today announced her debut single, 'How Did I Get Here', a thoughtful, soulful track that explores the difficulties of chasing dreams, set to be released 15 March.

The song features luscious indie-pop electronica (think a mix of Gaga, Lana Del Rey and Lamb's Lou Rhodes) drizzled in emotive lyrics and Martika's heartfelt vocals that ooze class and hint at a fierce future for the Melbourne singer-songwriter and dancer.

"This song came from the heart," Martika says. "Some songs just flow out of you in one night and others take quite a bit longer.

"As soon as I sat down behind the keyboard the notes and lyrics just appeared."

Ahead of the song's commercial release, scenestr is ecstatic to be able to premiere 'How Did I Get Here' today. Let your earbuds loose.

"It's very surreal to me that I'll be releasing something of mine for others to hear. It's always something I wanted, but never thought would happen," adds Martika.

"I want to be able to share music that connects with people – to have one person hear my songs and feel like it was written for them. To share the struggles or triumphs I've experienced and hope that it helps at least one other."

Martika launches 'How Did I Get Here' at The Toff In Town (Melbourne) 11 April.



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