Premiere: Stream Mark Curtis And The Flannettes' New Single 'Round Meal'

Mark Curtis And The Flannettes new single is titled 'Round Meal'. Mark Curtis And The Flannettes new single is titled 'Round Meal'.

With similarities to early 2000s indie act The Unicorns as well as beloved Aussie underground legends Custard, Adelaide band Mark Curtis And The Flannettes bound back with the delicious pop sounds of new single 'Round Meal'.

Harmonised back-up singing, pounding guitar riffs, lo-fi breakdowns, and a liberal splashing of 'ooo oohs' make this a quirky, sonic adventure for your ears (oh, and your tapping feet too).

Inspired during an obsession with The Beach Boys and The Beatles, Mark wanted "to capture a little bit of a '60s vibe, so we live tracked most of the instrumentation (the band playing the song in a single take at the same time).

"But I also wanted to keep a bit of a bedroom low-fi touch, so the vocals and overdubs were done in my bedroom – to the displeasure of my housemates."

With unabashed Aussie humour laced throughout the song, Mark arrived at the lyrical content after the band formed a "silly habit".

"The title 'Round Meal' came from a silly habit of the band, namely referring to burgers and pizzas (and other physically round meals) as well-rounded meals," he says.

"I found this juxtaposition particularly tasty to my sense of humour. I started riffing on the idea and married it to this upbeat guitar part I was working on, and this is the result."

Tracked and mixed at Ghost Note Studios with engineer Nick Russell of Kings Closet Recording, scenestr is amped to premiere 'Round Meal' today. Enjoy.

Mark Curtis And The Flannettes launch 'Round Meal' at The Exeter Hotel (Adelaide) as part of Umbrella Winter City Sounds on 27 July.



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