Premiere: Stream Mannequin Death Squad's New Single 'San Fran'

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Mannequin Death Squad's new single is titled 'San Fran'. Mannequin Death Squad's new single is titled 'San Fran'.

Melbourne punk-rock duo Mannequin Death Squad are back with a thrashy serving of riotous, fist-pumping rock & roll in the form of 'San Fran'.

The product of a recording session with Australian producer Mark Opitz, the song pokes a fist at our all-consuming modern lives of self-wealth obsession and denial of social responsibilities.

With a raucous energy created by just Dan and El – alternating on drums, guitar and vocals – 'San Fran' will be released Friday 14 June. But today, scenestr is amped to premiere an exclusive stream of 'San Fran'.

"'San Fran' arose from our anger about the filthy rich, ill-intentioned leaders of the world and their way of dumbing down the population and over-medicating the young and promoting excessive materialism," explains El, who takes lead vocals on the single.

Mannequin Death Squad intend taking the show on the road for the rest of 2019, blazing a path of destruction through the self-satisfied, conservative landscape. "It was a total pleasure working with Mark Opitz on 'San Fran'," Dan says.

"With a reputation like his, we were bracing ourselves for the unknown - he’s done so much that we thought there might be some ego to contend with. But he was the opposite to that.

"He is totally down to earth and a calming presence to perform around. With a producer, you half expect them to want to change everything and control the process but it felt the opposite.

"The main focus was on performing the song and making it believable. The final process of arrangement and overall feel of the track was some of the most enjoyable moments we have spent in the studio as musicians."

'San Fran' is officially released Friday 14 June.



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