Premiere: Stream Maja's New Single 'Dead Inside'

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Melbourne folk singer-songwriter, Maja's new single is titled 'Dead Inside'. Melbourne folk singer-songwriter, Maja's new single is titled 'Dead Inside'.

Melbourne-based folk singer-songwriter, Maja is ready to throw off the covers of her first song of 2021, the powerful 'Dead Inside'.

It has a colonial punk-ish feel to its folk vibes. Add the strong lyrics that provide an empowering outlook on life and Maja has created a song that's brutally honest, which is sure to resonate with many.

"I wrote the song after a relationship had ended with a guy I was dating," begins Maja.

"I had reached out to him in a moment of struggle in my career and he had said 'it's not a dream if it's killing you', and I wrote a retaliation back to that saying 'I'm not the one who's dead inside'.

"I wanted to write an empowering song that's really to all the people who don't believe in you and who try to drag you into their darkness."

Ahead of the song's release tomorrow, scenestr is thrilled to premiere 'Dead Inside' today. Enjoy.

"When we went in to record it," continues Maja, "it expanded into this much larger piece of art that I didn't anticipate.

"It ebbs and flows and is expansive, and I picked it because it has a strong message – and that's to believe in yourself regardless of the odds."

Maja has a trio of shows the next week and a bit, and she's thrilled to return to the stage. "I'm going to have really great supports (Joyce Prescher and Natasha Johanna), and I'm going to be doing a mixed bag of things including poetry."

2021 will also see Maja release her debut album 'I'll Get There' (release date tbc).

Maja has an online show to launch 'Dead Inside' 23 April (8pm) before an IRL concert at Some Velvet Morning (Melbourne) 24 April. She also plays IRL at Apollo Bay Hotel 16 April.



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