Premiere: Stream Lucie Vano's Debut Single 'We Took It Too Far'

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'We Took It Too Far' is the debut single of Australian indie musician Lucie Vano. 'We Took It Too Far' is the debut single of Australian indie musician Lucie Vano.

With a decade's experience of performing and producing music, indie musician Lucie Vano is stepping out as a solo artist with the release of her debut single 'We Took It Too Far'.

"'We Took It Too Far' is a song about learning boundaries. It took me a while to understand what that is," Lucie says.

"The raw lyrics of this track with the intentional vocal layering is something I'm really proud of and feel portray the emotions of where the song was written from."

scenestr is stoked to share an exclusive stream of 'We Took It Too Far' today. Enjoy.

First picking up a guitar when she was ten living in Manilla, for the past seven years Lucie has been performing and touring with her band W.M.N – a four-piece, all-female/ non binary, Melbourne-based band.

"The songs that kind of 'come out' of you always seem to be the ones you know are going to work. 'We Took It Too Far' is one of those songs," Lucie says. "Written in about 20 minutes, I knew this song was going to be my debut single.

"I recorded this song in my home studio in about a day. I did record about 60, 70 takes of my vocals to get the perfect balance and layering. So, perhaps safe to say, my neighbours are very familiar with the song."

With a love for lyricism and detailed production, Lucie admits she draws influences from other indie electronic producers such as Bon Iver (Justin Vernon). "Lyrics have always been the driver of a song for me. I've been heavily influenced by Justin Vernon – specifically his lyrics and vocal techniques.

"For me, his songs capture a perfect balance between an emotional, 'raw' tone and heavily-manipulated vocals. It really makes you feel every lyric he is singing."

2020 will see Lucie focus on single releases while collaborating with other singers, producers and spoken-word poets. "This year, I've moved to Melbourne to solely focus on music. I decided to introduce myself as a solo artist, songwriter and producer.

"My experience as a queer, woman of colour in the music industry, is that there is a huge gap and divide in the scene. The lack of diverse representation and any reflection of myself and my community is thrown in your face.

"Who I am is political, the colour of my skin, the way I dress, the way I choose to cut my hair. So this project is about shining a light and creating space for people like me. Diversity and inclusion is most important."



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