Premiere: Stream Lucid Safari's New Single 'Lady'

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Lucid Safari is a Brisbane indie rock band led by Dan Lewis. Lucid Safari is a Brisbane indie rock band led by Dan Lewis.

A roots-rock flavoured love song that sizzles with a pulsating rhythm section and psychedelic, bluesy flourishes throughout, Lucid Safari's newest single is 'Lady'.

The first taste of the Brisbane group's forthcoming debut EP 'Delirium' that's set for release in early 2022, 'Lady' is about unrequited feelings that lead to bouts of longing unless those desires are voiced.

With a Sticky Fingers meets The Police vibe, 'Lady' is a fun, playful frolic that propels Lucid Safari, which is the project of Dan Lewis, to the top of your next playlist.

Ahead of the song's release tomorrow (18 November), scenestr is stoked to premiere 'Lady' today. Enjoy.

"The song, to me, is about shooting your shot with someone you've been friends with for a while, and seeing if they feel the same way about you," Dan offers about 'Lady'.

"I like to think it sounds more playful than anything too serious or romantic.

"I think the idea of friends turning into something more is so high stakes, but it doesn't need to be that way. You can throw it out there and if they don't feel the same, go back to being mates. As artists, I don't think it's our place to tell you the meaning of a song, or tell how to feel about it. I believe everyone connects to music in their own personal way.

"To be honest, I just love playing this song cause I think it's a bop."

A live-looping soloist for a number of years, the conceptual birth of Lucid Safari occurred in the spring of 2019. "I owe the existence of Lucid Safari to quite a few people and various experiences, but I can pin down a few very specific memories," begins Dan.

"I remember one night, my good friend Josh Lovegrove and I we're out watching Thirsty Merc, Jet and Jimmy Barnes down at HOTA on the Gold Coast.

"I'd been playing covers and working in music for about five years up to this point, and Josh turned to me and said 'If you actually let your guard down, and let loose, the world wouldn't know what hit it'.

"What he said really stuck with me, and after a wonderful experience at Woodford Folk Festival, I was full of inspiration and passion to play my own music and share it with people.

"I believe, amongst many inspiring pieces, I can attribute the birth of Lucid Safari to these moments."



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