Premiere: Stream LAVELIN's New Single 'Addicted'

LAVELIN is an indie pop artist from Brisbane-Gold Coast.
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An emerging indie artist from Brisbane-Gold Coast who released her debut single ('Blind') late 2023, LAVELIN is already promoting her debut EP.

Titled 'Forget About Us' and due to drop next month (24 May), the EP's lead single is the irresistibly cute bop 'Addicted', the atmospheric pop and buoyant electro rhythm matched by a sleek disco beat with a seductively cool '90s-sounding hook that'll bounce around inside your head for days.

"Have you ever felt so intertwined with someone that you kind of feel high? Like you just can't live without them," asks LAVELIN. "I felt like that for the first time in my life when I wrote 'Addicted'.

"The relationship I was in was different from love, I had been emotionally broken down a lot and I was in a place where my partner was my safe haven even though the relationship didn’t feel safe; that cycle or returning to something hurtful, time and time again, it felt like being addicted."

Ahead of the song's release tomorrow (12 April), today scenestr is thrilled to premiere 'Addicted'. Enjoy.

A track that clearly wears LAVELIN's influences on her sleeve (Confidence Man, Julia Jacklin), 'Addicted' is equal parts sugary high mixed with sobering lyrics about unhealthy love.

"I'm sure a lot of listeners will find the song catchy and fun and enjoy singing and dancing along to it which is awesome," LAVELIN says, "but, those who really relate to the message I'm glad you can hear this song and know you're not alone."

Although still a relative newcomer on the scene, LAVELIN – JMC QLD's 2022 Alumni Act Of The Year – has already collaborated with Ian Haug of Powderfinger as well as provided support on recent tours for The Delta Riggs, Hachiku of Milk Records, and Iluka.

Love and all its highs and lows are a flowing theme throughout the upcoming 'Forget About Us' EP, exploring rose-coloured, endorphin-rushing devotion, unrequited feelings, toxic patterns, and relinquishing emotion of dropping heavy baggage. "'Forget About Us' is an EP that takes you through the stages of a tumultuous breakup," shares LAVELIN.

"From realising that someone doesn't love you for who you are, to recognising the codependent nature of the relationship, to making the decision to leave and set yourself free. It is an EP that aims to empower and inspire all of us who may get lost in love."

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