Premiere: Stream Laius' New Single 'Archaic Dreams'

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Laius is a synthpop, alt-pop artist based in Brisbane. Laius is a synthpop, alt-pop artist based in Brisbane.

Meanjin-based queer pop artist Laius presents the lead single, 'Archaic Dreams', from his debut EP, 'Lost In The Throes Of An Archaic Dream' (that's due late 2022).

Encased in epic-sounding cinematic synthpop production that bursts/ dazzles with super-stylised futuristic alt-pop, the vivid emotive feels are enhanced by Laius' vocals that summon a richness in intensity that dissolves away in waves of fleeting nostalgia that hearts '80s sci-fi soundtracks.

The lyrical story of 'Archaic Dreams' follows an arc of running out of time but being crippled by a fear to enact on the feelings driving the heightened stress felt.

It's a release you'd expect from the likes of Porter Robinson or Madeon, which showcases Laius' burgeoning musicality – you can see why he was recently presented the 'Innovation Award' by Ian Haug (Powderfinger) at the QUBE Effect 2022 (an initiative for Brisbane's best emerging artists).

"'Archaic Dreams' is a new conceptual direction and era for Laius," the Chinese-Australian artist says.

"I wanted to kickstart the era with a big, cinematic moment and I think 'Archaic Dreams' is the perfect single for it. Like all of my music, I wrote, recorded, produced and mixed it all in my bedroom studio."

Ahead of the song's release tomorrow (29 July), scenestr is excited to premiere 'Archaic Dreams' today. Enjoy.

"Ninety five per cent of the time, my writing starts on my (very) old Yamaha keyboard," adds Laius, discussing his creative practices. "Toplines and production come easily to me and I'll smash them out in a day or so.

"Lyrics are usually the most time-consuming part of my process because for me, they have to be a free-standing entity. For the ones who also love reading lyrics, I want my lyrics to read like a story or poem if you take the music away.

"One of the main things underpinning my creative process is building on a core concept/ metaphor, crafting a story and creating multiple layers in a way that listeners can continuously discover new details every time they play the song.

"For 'Archaic Dreams', it was a little different. Originally, I wrote the song and finished the production in a day which didn't have a bridge or key change.

"I went back and added the bridge and modulation to really accentuate the cathartic moment in the final chorus.

"Sonically, I was influenced by a bunch of '80s synthwave and modern electropop sounds.

"Conceptually, I used space and an imminent supernova as extended metaphors, which I reinforced with layers and layers of synths and sci-fi soundscapes.

"If you read the lyrics, it's a story about chasing after a fickle endeavour that feels like it's already slipped out of your grasp and grappling with the internal turmoil of that."



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