Premiere: Stream Kristy Apps' New Single 'These Streets'

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Kristy Apps Kristy Apps

The familiar commanding vocals and driving guitar and drums of Brisbane-based folk/rock singer-songwriter Kristy Apps are on full display in her toe-tapping, head-bobbing new single 'These Streets'.

Kristy is known for the sense of rebellion and recklessness in her music, as well as a fierce resistance to the 'rules' of the industry. It's this attitude which has taken her to places such as Mardi Gras, Midsumma and Woodford to perform – and that's just in Australia. The singer-songwriter also has her fair share of overseas performing experience.

In fact, 'These Streets' is a tribute to the streets of Berlin – which just so happens to be where the song was written, too.

“I was there a couple of years ago and felt so inspired I wrote half of this new album in two weeks on my travel guitar,” Kristy says. “I really saw myself reflected in the streets and had the time to explore what that was about for me.

“A couple of the lines in the song say 'I’m far enough away to get a little closer to me', and 'I catch my reflection when I look at my feet, rough around the edges, no apologies'. These lines really reflect what I am talking about.”

scenestr is amped to be premiering the catchy 'These Streets' before its official release – check it (and its video) out below.

Kristy is hoping to create a strong kinship between her and her listeners with the track.

“I hope people feel a sense of connectedness and empowerment. We are in very interesting times politically with multiple far right leaders spruiking division and hatred. We have a choice in everything we do to live by our values and not get caught in the viscous concept of us and them,” she explains. “If we show kindness and compassion to each other, the hatred rhetoric can become redundant and we can create the society we want to live in. If we can do that, politicians will have n choice but to listen.”

Of course, behind almost every track for a singer-songwriter is a quirky story behind its creation, and 'These Streets' is no different. Kristy says it all came together in a most unlikely place.

“I wrote it on a little travel guitar in a backpackers in Berlin,” she begins.

“The night I wrote it we had spent 18 hours bumping around the city in 40-degree heat. We ended up in a notorious punk bar and a queer club with pink fluffy walls. From the moment I started writing it I could hear how it was meant to sound. I played it a couple of times to my band and I was like 'yep. . . That’s it'. They are truly amazing and are so intuitive with my songs.”

With all the craziness going on in the world, it's fair to be under the impression that things may never truly return to normal. The singer-songwriter assures that she's got plans for live gigs and an album release ('Take Heed') in the future.

She shares her outlook for the next few months.

“Gigs in Brisbane have been vibing since COVID restrictions were lifted and we could play live shows again. People are really engaged in their music scene and that excites me no end!

“I will release the new record on vinyl, digital and CD in March/April next year and hopefully will be able to tour it. I can’t wait to share the LP with the world.”

'These Streets' is out 20 November.



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