Premiere: Stream Kawz & Koz's New EP 'Walkabout Creek'

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Kawz & Koz are a hip hop duo from Queensland. Kawz & Koz are a hip hop duo from Queensland.

A combo of party hip hop and menacing beats with live instrumentation that harks back to early 2000s Aussie hip hop (think Bliss n Eso, the Hoods), Kawz & Koz come at you straight with quick-fire spits and lyrics that'll have you bouncing, your head nodding in appreciation.

The Queensland-based duo are about to drop their new EP titled 'Walkabout Creek' featuring the previously released singles 'WifDat' and 'Molly Meldrum'.

The lads teamed with producers Cam Bluff (Hilltop Hoods, Illy, Bliss n Eso, Amy Shark) and One Above (Allday, Hilltop Hoods) on the seven-track 'Walkabout Creek'.

Ahead of its release tomorrow, scenestr is stoked to premiere 'Walkabout Creek' today. Enjoy.

'On Wun'

'On Wun' is a fun braggadocio type joint, which set the EP off nicely. To be 'On One' usually means to be under the influence of drugs and alcohol, and although we touch on that a little we are basically saying we are 'On Wun' in life in general. . . having a win; it let's us showcase our lyrical flex too.

As soon as Cam Bluff played us the beat, we knew we had to have it and Kozzie came up with the chorus pretty much on the spot.

'Molly Meldrum'

'Molly Meldrum' as the songs namesake suggests is basically about doing yourself a favour, letting your hair down and having a good time.

It's the end of a working week, some women, some drinks and some party favours are involved. . . it's time to catch a vibe and party.


'BDE' stands for BIG DICK ENERGY and we're flexing our big dick energy, letting the new school know we can get down on the drill sh.t too. It features our brother Proph and was the first joint we made for the EP.


'Wifdat' is our track for the real hip hop heads. With a banging beat, it's to show the underground fans we can still get busy like we used to. And to showcase we can do the party stuff or the underground stuff with the best of them.


'Champagne' is just a feel-good track with a bit of a throwback feel to it. It's basically just a day in Sunshine Coast and a celebration of the good vibes and beautiful women, and how grateful we are to live here.

'Wyld Stallions'

'Wyld Stallions' as you would know it by. . . (we call it something different) is our 'strip club' anthem, haha. Just a fun track, a sorta 'clubby' vibe whether you're at the strip club vibing out or out with your mates trying to pull that girl for the night. Another fun track we made with Dook Wookii.


'RUOK' is our anti suicide track. Koz and I both lost people very dear to our hearts to the black dog and our verses are about them respectfully without mentioning names.

It's a track I think everyone can relate to. It also gives the message of 'speak up and reach out if you need help. . . RUOK!?'. We knew we were on to something special with this beat and our homie DS Stanley puts the icing on the cake with his vocals.



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