Premiere: Stream k's New Music Video 'I See Right Through feat. Baine'

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k is an American musician and performance artist. k is an American musician and performance artist.

First emerging in July 2020, k is an American musician and performance artist who keeps their real identity a mystery.

Their only calling card is freaky looking white plague doctor mask that is worn at all times alongside a black wool-knit beanie.

Try googling k and you'll hit an impenetrable wall offering zero details of who exactly this enigma is, which is the way k wants it.

After releasing the politically charged debut single 'Friends Die' last year, k has followed with a slew of singles and an EP titled 'I Can't Meet You There' throughout 2021.

A mash of pop compositions, alongside boombap and electronic productions k's music is a fusion of experimental ideas merging a kaleidoscope of sounds in a disjointed manner that creates its own warped beauty.

k's latest joint is 'I See Right Through' featuring Baine, which scenestr is stoked to premiere today.

"To see her behind the silver and glass – the moment hope comes back is never how you pictured it," k says, discussing 'I See Right Through'.

"You move quickly through the door but it feels slow, because you have not had the time to distinguish if it is in fact real.

"By the time you reach the stage, it is and she is bigger than you'd ever imagined but the moment of grandeur passes quickly to static, and it becomes just the past again.

"You turn around and realise how long you've been spinning. How many times you've circled the theatre only to climb back onto the stage.

"In that moment there isn't triumph or sorrow just clarity. Clarity and hope that we will make it through."



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