Premiere: Stream Jules' New Single 'Behind The Wake'

Jules is a Sydney-based singer-songwriter.
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A Sydney-based singer-songwriter whose music reflects influences like Tina Arena, Sarah McLachlan, and Birdy, Jules is ready to present her fourth studio album, 'Familiar Drama', to the world.

A career that she felt had stagnated more than a decade ago, Jules continued on her artistic path after Jermaine Jackson (yes, he of Jackson 5 fame) contacted her direct in 2012 after hearing her song 'Papergirl'. Jackson became Jules' mentor, encouraging her to continue making music.

'Familiar Drama' arrives 20 years after Jules debut album ('Ocean') and 7 years since her previous record ('Carry On').

Recorded at Studios 301, 'Familiar Drama' has been a project Jules has been chipping away at for the better part of four years, with songs written about the complexities of grief, redemption, and nostalgia.

One of the album's tracks is 'Behind The Wake', an upbeat, stirring piano pop song that's a confessional of sorts for individuals who own their errors, living with the consequences of their actions.

Classical-sounding, bright, beaming pop bursting with a sonic warmth born of '60-'70s tones, 'Behind The Wake' is an anthem for those cleansing their past behaviours.

"'Behind The Wake' is a song of confession," shares Jules, "a declaration someone makes when they are willing to take responsibility for their actions, but also with the understanding that an apology is not always enough. We each must learn to live with the consequences of our actions."

Ahead of the release of 'Familiar Drama' tomorrow (3 November), scenestr is stoked to premiere 'Behind The Wake' today. Enjoy.

"'Behind The Wake' feels like you're being dragged along behind a speedboat," adds Jules, "and you need to hold on in order to make it out alive. I think anyone who is self-aware and owns their mistakes, deserves a second chance. Eventually."

The creative birth of 'Behind The Wake' was an almost spontaneous occurrence after Jules presented a vocal idea to her Grammy-nominated engineer and producer Simon Cohen.

"I showed Simon at Studios 301 this little voice memo that was fully written, but I didn't think it would be right for my album.

"It was 5pm. He had the vision straight away. We listened to 'Honey' by The Hush Sound and got a direction, and off we went. It was one of the most quickly recorded tracks on the album."

Jules has an upcoming show at Avoca Beach Theatre (19 November) that will be a walk down memory lane for the artist. "I grew up on the Central Coast and played this venue 20 years ago! Can't wait to go back." Jules will be supported by Ella Powell.

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