Premiere: Stream Jodi Phillis' New Solo Album 'Becoming'

Jodi Phillis' new solo album is titled 'Becoming'. Jodi Phillis' new solo album is titled 'Becoming'.

One of Australia's indie treasures, The Clouds' Jodi Phillis returns with another solo album, 'Becoming', which is deeply enriched by songwriting that harks back to the folk legends of the '60s and '70s.

The new collection of songs deal with "grief, transformation, art, nature and love" and are presented beautifully in acoustic renderings that will 'evoke cherished memories, childhood day dreams, and visions of a longed for utopia'.

"'Becoming' is very much a singer-songwriter album with a neo-romantic, folk vibe, inspired by the great singer-songwriters of the '60s and '70s," Jodi says.

"My main points of reference lyrically were Leonard Cohen, Cat Stevens, George Harrison and Joni Mitchell.

"There is a lot of acoustic guitar with pretty embellishments here and there, which support very intimate, spiritual lyrics. The songs deal with grief, transformation, art, nature and love."

scenestr is overjoyed to be able to offer an exclusive stream of 'Becoming' today ahead of its commercial release on Friday (19 October).

'Becoming' was successfully crowdfunded and produced by fellow musician Tim Oxley. "I approached the album as a singer-songwriter, rather than as a musician/ producer.

"I didn't have any musical ideas for the album at first. I just concentrated on recording the acoustic guitar and the lead vocal. I even considered releasing it just like that.

"However, producer Tim Oxley decided to try laying down some drums and bass and it started to take on a whole new sound that was really beautiful and exciting. Then we added flutes and harmonies and organ and percussion etc.

"Tim did an amazing job of pulling the whole thing together. He approaches everything as a true artist. Time is non-existent and he is totally in the moment when he works. Damien Lane plays some brilliant electric guitar and Cameron Bruce provided some beautiful piano parts."

'Becoming' will be available from 19 October through Bandcamp, Cdbaby and at

Jodi Phillis Tour Dates

Sat 3 Nov - The Junk Bar (Brisbane)
Fri 9 Nov - Servo (Wollongong)
Sat 10 Nov - Gasoline Pony (Sydney)
Thu 15 Nov - Grace Emily Hotel (Adelaide)
Fri 16 Nov - Kastoria Club (Melbourne)
Sat 17 Nov - Major Tom's (Kyneton)
Sun 2 Dec - Mona (Hobart)



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