Premiere: Stream Inklines' New Single 'Real Life'

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Inklines are an alternative rock band from Sydney. Inklines are an alternative rock band from Sydney.

Their first new music since earlier 2021 single, the excellent 'All Gone' that gained traction in the US, Sydney's Inklines return with another serving of searingly-good alternative rock in the form of 'Real Life'.

There's hints of Strokes-Interpol flavours throughout, while Something For Kate meets Wilco energy is strong as well.

The driving rhythm section keeps a steady, cathartic pace, the melody offering a powerful yet wistful flashback of nostalgia and lyrics questioning the 'realness' of a pandemic-hit society.

'I might need someone to tell me / That this is real life / Maybe I misunderstood / But I've made up my mind / And you were right.'

Featured on their new EP 'Today' (due 22 October), 'Real Life' yet again showcases the trio of Will Tremain, Tom Bowden and Daniel Mulroney as one of the country's most talented, emerging rock outfits.

Ahead of the song's release tomorrow (15 October), scenestr is amped to premiere 'Real Life' today. Enjoy.

"'Real Life' was written in mid-2020 when we first started going into lockdowns," begins Inklines, "friends were losing jobs, people were freaking out and everything was just crazy.

"I was just trying to squeeze all the emotions I was feeling into the music, and lyrically expressing my confusion and anger at the situation. Crazy times."



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