Premiere: Stream Inklines' New Single 'All Gone'

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Inklines newest single is titled 'All Gone'. Inklines newest single is titled 'All Gone'.

Sydney alternative rockers Inklines continue their impressive run with newest single 'All Gone'.

A broody, sparser melody with a downtempo rhythm that highlights the bruised lo-fi aesthetic, it's indie rock that echoes '90s college rock.

After releasing the upbeat and joyful alt-rock of 'Blossom' in February, this incarnation of Inklines showcases their ability to shift gears, offering a glimpse of what can be expected from their forthcoming EP.

"'All Gone' fell together pretty quickly in the studio as we had been gigging for a few months beforehand, and we were all ready to get back into the writing process," the band says.

"It definitely helped that this track is on the mellow side of things, as it really allowed us to let the song flow and take its own course."

The first song written as part of new sessions laid down with producer Lachlan West, scenestr is stoked to premiere 'All Gone'. Enjoy.



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