Premiere: Stream Gypsy Road's New Single 'Letters To A Friend, From Interstate'

Gypsy Road are an emo, post-hardcore band from Melbourne.
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Melbourne-Naarm emo, post-hardcore band Gypsy Road are exploring heavier sonic textures as they gear-up for the release of their debut album next month.

After forming in 2017, Gypsy Road have made their own mark on the Aussie emo sound, releasing three EPs: 'The Corner' (2018), 'Kettle' (2019) and 'Skint' (2020).

The three-piece – Alex Centofanti (guitar/ vocals), Christian Centofanti (bass), and James Dagiandas (drums) – have crafted a style that fits somewhere between The Smith Street Band, The Bennies and Luca Brasi.

Now Gypsy Road are levelling up to 11 exploring a moodier, rawer, emotional tapestry on new single (and the title track of their debut album due next month) 'Letters To A Friend, From Interstate' that's reminiscent of Midwest emo flavours like Hot Mulligan and American Football.

A song about processing feelings after a break-up with an 'adulting' mindset (rather than a woe-me attitude), a glistening, shimmering beat with guitar lines offering a lustrous and smooth, if somewhat sombre feel is matched by pummelling drums that thrash with spiteful, harsh tones leading the guitars to intensify.

With cathartic screams-howls added to the mix, the song congeals to create an atmospheric post-hardcore sway-along that'll no doubt leave many with eyes closed, heads nodding in emotional self-reflection.

"This song is about wanting to see your ex after a break-up, but knowing that distancing yourself is the only proper way to heal and grow," Alex says. "It's an ode to moving on and to starting a new chapter of life."

Ahead of the song's release on Friday (26 April), scenestr is stoked to premiere 'Letters To A Friend, From Interstate' today. Enjoy.

The emotional aspect of the song was birthed naturally as Alex processed a number of issues in his own life. "The song speaks for itself," he says.

"At the time when I was writing this song, I was going through quite a few things and I didn't really know how to make sense of it or how to put my feelings into words.

"I think the hardest thing about a break-up is processing everything by yourself. I feel this song describes exactly how I was feeling at that time."

A band intent on continual evolution, the added texture of screams to the vocal lines was a welcome addition according to Alex.

"Incorporating screams in this song was a first and we feel that this helps add a layer of intensity to the song. We've been experimenting with new sounds and trying to push our boundaries on the heavier side."

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