Premiere: Stream Greg Gould's New Single 'Who Gave You Permission?'

Greg Gould is an Australian pop-soul artist.
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Australian pop-soul vocal powerhouse, Greg Gould delves into deeply personal subject matter on his newest single, 'Who Gave You Permission?'.

A career that was forged as a contestant on 2013's 'Australia's Got Talent', the last decade has seen Gould achieve some staggering milestones including amassing millions of streams-views of his music, notching the #1 spot on the iTunes Albums charts via his 2020 album '1998', as well as collaborating with En Vogue's Maxine Jones ("a real pinch me moment," Gould shares).

Now Gould offers 'Who Gave You Permission?', from his forthcoming debut album 'Strings Attached' (that's due 12 July), which bursts with a similar energy to Teddy Swims and Sam Smith.

A sombre, somewhat mournful piano line opens the track, Gould's vocals embracing an emotive fragility, stark realness as he earnestly details brittly raw yet poignant lyrics.

The song's impassioned determination is a commanding presence, the swelling self-confidence of Greg's resolve an enticing stimulant as he demands who gave permission to take his "innocence", before taking the power back by declaring "I forgive you, I forget you, I don't hate you".

Coinciding with Sexual Assault Awareness Month, 'Who Gave You Permission?' is a powerfully unflinching and proud account of lived experiences Gould has confronted from his both his distant and recent past, the penning of such achingly bruised lyrics a legacy Greg wants to gift and empower other survivors.

"To be honest I'm only just starting to feel comfortable to talk about this," he shares. "The first time I performed the song live I burst into tears."

To be released tomorrow (12 April), scenestr is proud to premiere Greg Gould's 'Who Gave You Permission?', an anthem for anyone who has had their phyiscal boundaries violated.

A song co-written with Benedict, the pair laboured over 'Who Gave You Permission?' intent to create a song canvassing a sensitive (but way too common) topic yet building momentum for meaningful conversations to be fostered.

"I have been a victim of sexual abuse on four separate occasions in all very different circumstances from when I was 10 years old, right up until I was 30. Each time left me feeling so violated, so powerless, paralysed," Greg says.

"Nobody has the right to touch you without permission. No means no. It was a very emotional, heartwrenching and confronting experience to write this song to be honest as I'd pushed a lot of those feelings and experiences down and hadn't dealt with them – it took awhile for me to be ok to admit it.

"There is a stigma around sexual abuse in general, and I do think it can be really difficult for men who are the victim – whether it be at the hands of another man or a woman. In my case, it was both on separate occasions. I want other men to feel comfortable to talk about this and speak up too."

Greg Gould performs as part of Synthony at Vivid Sydney @ Carriageworks 6-7 June.

Greg Gould 2024 Tour Dates

Sat 13 Apr - Keep The Faith - George Michael & Whitney Houston @ Loev (Melbourne)
Sat 20 Apr - Greek Legends Of The 20th Century @ State Theatre (Sydney)
Fri 10 May - Greek Legends Of The 20th Century @ Palais Theatre (Melbourne)
Sat 18 May - Keep The Faith - George Michael & Whitney Houston @ Royal Brighton Yacht Club (Melbourne)

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