Premiere: Stream GEORGIAXBYRNE's Debut EP 'All The Things I Never Said'

GEORGIAXBYRNE is a Brisbane-based pop singer-songwriter. GEORGIAXBYRNE is a Brisbane-based pop singer-songwriter.

Stylish, polished dance-pop to introspective, raw soft-pop, the debut EP from Brisbane-based indie artist GEORGIAXBYRNE, 'All The Things I Never Said', is a four-track excursion through the breakdown of a romantic relationship with a toxic lover.

Originally from Cairns, 'All The Things I Never Said' features previous singles 'Bluff', '365' and 'Overthinker' as well as previously unreleased track 'Another Ex'.

"When creating this EP, I had one main vision in mind. I wanted to design a four-track mini album which would depict the rapidly changing emotions I went through during my past relationship," Georgia says.

"I wrote all these songs originally on the guitar relatively fresh out of the relationship, which I really believed allowed me to be more lyrically honest.

"Each track is a small snippet of where my head was at with a guy that could never really give me a straight answer. The EP has a song for each stage, whether you are head over heels in love in '365' or having a cry along in your bedroom to 'Another Ex'.

"Throughout the producing process, I looked to artists like Maisie Peters, her track 'Favourite Ex', and Julia Michaels' '2002', whose storytelling and production resonated with me immensely."

Ahead of the EP's release on Friday (5 August), scenestr is thrilled to premiere 'All The Things I Never Said' EP today. Enjoy.

Since starting her professional career in 2020, Georgia has drawn artistic inspiration from Mallrat, Maisie Peters and Taylor Swift as well as basing all her songs on personal scenarios; her original compositions are sure to have you screaming along on a road trip or deep in the feels in your bedroom.

"Just before I headed down to Brisbane (I was based in Cairns at the time) to record and track '365', I was after a crowd-like sound towards the end of the song," adds Georgia.

"I got together four or five of my friends in Cairns and somehow organised us all to meet up and record this ending to the track.

"I had everyone move around to stand in different positions with mics around the room to get different sounds. It was a really funny experience as none of these friends had ever been in a recording studio before."


Cliche summer love song that'll get stuck in your head dancing around your kitchen.


Depicting a toxic lover who gaslights you into thinking mental health isn't real, 'Overthinker' is the acoustic ballad with soothing harmonies and lyrics that'll get you over-analysing everything. . . again.

Another Ex

Imagine you're writing a letter to the 'new girl' your ex is seeing and you're finally able to fill her in on your side of the story. . . as well as all his games, smoke and mirrors and of course, his manipulation.


'Bluff' is the track where you realise that you are in fact, not over your ex, no matter how hard you have tried to move on and can't help but reminisce on the good times.

GEORGIAXBYRNE supports Alex the Astronaut at Tanks Art Centre (Cairns) 2 September.

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