Premiere: Stream GENIIE BOY's New Single 'Shaky Ground'

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GENIIE BOY's newest single is titled 'Shaky Ground'. GENIIE BOY's newest single is titled 'Shaky Ground'.

Still a relatively new group, Gold Coast duo GENIIE BOY continue to impress with their quirky, energetic, hook-laden brand of pop-infused indie rock.

The pairing of Alisha Todd and Scott French (who joined artistic forces when COVID first disrupted everyone's lives), GENIIE BOY's second release of 2022 is 'Shaky Ground'.

Late '90s, early 2000s college radio guitar pop that basks in the glow of DIY indie magic and Alisha's soaring vocals brimming with care-free spontaneity and bright, easily digestible tones 'Shaky Ground' is an alluring ear worm that'll nestle itself in many upcoming playlists.

"'Shaky Ground' is when you feel like you really don't have your feet planted on stable ground," Alisha says, "and your mind wanders to better times that you crave more and more. . . 'just one more day like this!'"

A tune about embracing the joys of life, ahead of its release tomorrow (10 June), scenestr is stoked to premiere 'Shaky Ground' today. Enjoy.

Adds Alisha: "Ever felt like one day you just woke up from a dream, a really good dream, and ever since you woke up, you keep losing fragments of that dream somewhere in your mind?

"Sometimes little rays of sunshine from that dream replay in your memory then you snap back to the moment. You think to yourself, 'wow we had it so good', then you release that the moment right now isn't that bad either. . . just different."

A finalist for Song Of The Year at 2021 Gold Coast Music Awards, GENIIE BOY have a number of local live shows upcoming.

GENIIE BOY 2022 Tour Dates

Sat 18 Jun - The Golden Weekend @ Mo's Desert Clubhouse (Gold Coast)
Sun 26 Jun - Creekfest @ Currumbin RSL (Gold Coast)
Thu 7 Jul - Big City Lights @ Mr P.P's (Gold Coast)
Sun 4 Sep - Springtime Festival (Gold Coast)



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