Premiere: Stream Final Gambit's New Single 'Death To The Dinosaur'

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Sydney metal punks, Final Gambit's newest single is titled 'Death To The Dinosaur'. Sydney metal punks, Final Gambit's newest single is titled 'Death To The Dinosaur'.

Final Gambit are an indie punk-metal band from Sydney who don't mind mixing music with their social and political beliefs.

Their previous single 'You Sold Our City' witnessed the band raging against the NSW Government over the 'fun police' lockout laws.

Now they're back sticking their middle finger up and rebuking people who deal solely in selfishness, self-interest and outmoded points of view with newest single 'Death To The Dinosaur', which was produced by Tim Carr (Matt Corby, Julia Stone).

Passionate, raw and unapologetic Final Gambit – who are Nicholas Burgmann (guitar, vocals), Lauren Dawson (bass), Gus Hart (drums) and the recently acquired newest member Rory Wheatley (guitar) – have delivered a DIY anthem direct from the moshpit, delivering a frenetic combo of riffs, licks and cheeky thrash.

"We wanted 'Death To The Dinosaur' to be aggressive  but still fun," Nicholas says, "we've had people dance and mosh to it. Been awesome seeing how people interpret the tune.

"We also wanted to push the familiar punk formula with psychedelic and thrash influences. We're a band that cares about our message and making something new."

Ahead of the release on Friday (19 February) of 'Death To The Dinosaur', scenestr is amped to premiere an exclusive stream of the track today. Enjoy.

"It feels like we're living in a time in which bands have lost that sense of danger," adds Nicholas, "there aren't many bands with that edge running around so we strive to amend that.

"For us, this has been a making good of a five-year promise to ourselves to deliver music that stands for something, that moves the music we love forward," continues Nicholas.

"'Death To The Dinosaur' is a big middle finger from the hard rock gods to selfishness and ignorance."



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