Premiere: Stream Ed Barnes' New Single 'All Things'

Sydney singer-songwriter, Ed Barnes' new single is titled 'All Things'. Sydney singer-songwriter, Ed Barnes' new single is titled 'All Things'.

An emerging alternative singer-songwriter, Sydney punk-poet Ed Barnes announced himself earlier this year with the crackin'-good debut single 'Criticise The Poor' (that was doused in colonial folk-punk and Barnes' biting yet honest lyrics).

Not averse to adding political commentary into his own compositions, Barnes' nasally Ocker twang infuses his music with an Australiana that brings to mind the songwriting prowess of Paul Kelly, Wil Wagner and Courtney Barnett.

Add the personality of a Daniel Johnston married to the attitude of a Billy Bragg and you can see why Frank Turner is a massive fan of Barnes; so much so Turner mastered and mixed Ed's debut album, 'Hey, Noel', that's due late 2022.

'Hey, Joel' was recorded and produced in a Blue Mountains solar powered studio by Chris Gillespie.

Now Barnes is ready to take the covers off his next single, 'All Things' – a breakup song lamenting the end of a relationship that sees a record collection split in half, the memories each vinyl brings back propels a joyful reminiscing of the good times once shared.

Add a jangly, lo-fi AM radio melody that bops along at a rhythmic click plus a waltzing harmonica, and Barnes has created an upbeat, jaunty ride sure to connect with (ex)lovers everywhere.

Ahead of its release tomorrow, scenestr is thrilled to premiere 'All Things' today. Enjoy.

"'All Things' is about a breakup of a long-term relationship," begins Ed. "It is also about not looking back on the past in a negative way; if you're with someone for a long time, it can be because there were many good times.

"Through this perspective, the song came from a time where I was sorting through the records that we owned while packing up and moving to our new, separate homes.

"Amongst boxes that had dull labels like 'Kitchen - Ed' there was all this vinyl; I remember looking at certain ones with an amoeba sticker on the sleeve and letting off a big sigh.

"But going through each I was remembering moments from concerts we went to, places we travelled, nights where I'd drunkenly buy a local band's record when I didn't even watch them, and appreciating how this music we loved has made us who we both are today.

"After all, like everyone, many of my best friends, past relationships, current relationships and family all have a special bond over certain songs, albums, concerts and dance-floor moments.

"I also don't really froth over Led Zeppelin, they're good but are they really top 5 bands of all time material?"

Ed Barnes launches 'All Things' at Oxford Art Factory Gallery Bar (Sydney) 23 July.

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