Premiere: Stream Douzey's New EP 'Discard'

Douzey is a Melbourne-based indie pop artist.
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After battling associated health concerns related to a fibromyalgia diagnosis alongside general social anxiety, Naarm-based indie pop artist Douzey has rediscovered her vigour for music the last 12 months or so.

After a couple of single releases last year – 'Sleep No More' and 'Here's A Song' – Douzey (pronounced Doo-Zee) is ready to showcase a new, three-track EP (the follow-up to her 2019 EP 'Ophelia') titled 'Discard' that flows between groovy funk, quirky pop and pop-punk-flavoured rock.

"'Discard' is a collection of diss tracks that reflect my abundant ability to write when I'm mad," explains Douzey.

"The tracks are all about your 20s. These ones made it to the studio because they felt more relevant than ever. Especially with the cost of living crisis and feeling so influenced by the stress of where you are living and who you are living with."

Ahead of the EP's release tomorrow (22 March), scenestr is thrilled to premiere 'Discard' today. Enjoy.


Energetic, passionate, guitar-driven, emo-tainted indie pop-rock, 'Pavement' simmers with a controlled frenzy as it lyrically takes down the superficialities of corporate greed. Then there's that saucy, delectably scrummy guitar solo that lights up like a Christmas Tree, its intensity the perfect shot to throw-down.

Toxic Rain

Quirky pop reminiscent of Dresden Dolls' Amanda Palmer, 'Toxic Rain' finds Douzey sharing some of her intimate thoughts related to dramas associated with shared living as well as dodgy, selfish landlords. It's a whimsical, lighthearted ride offering cathartic release for those stymied by price of living dramas, the chorus refrain of "Give me my bond back," the perfect sing-along for those feeling disenfranchised.


A fat, juicy, seductive bassline opens 'Peachy', a bewitching slow-jam of funk-flavoured, sultry, bluesy rock that seeps deep into the pores, tantalising the senses and evoking lustful thoughts. Plus that sneaky cowbell!

"These are my stories, and this EP shows how I see the world in my own unique way," adds Douzey. "I hope people can connect with them, laugh at them.

"I had a lot of fun escaping into these art pieces and when I see these tracks it's like 'cool, I did a thing'. If these songs connect with someone in some sort of way, or if I encouraged someone to make their own art, please tell me, that would be the coolest thing.

"Honestly, the band telling me which are their favourite songs to play, and the conversations I get to have with audience members who say 'Oh wow I get that feeling, oh I had that experience'; it's so wonderful and I hope I get to have more of those conversations."

Next month, Douzey will launch the 'Discard' EP with a local show at The Gasometer Upstairs (Melbourne) on 24 April.

"I would like people to take away from [the 'Discard' EP is] that it is just the beginning of the creative chaos that I have had bottled up inside me," continues Douzey.

"I had to process my anxiety before releasing these bad boys, but now I'm ready to claim the title as a working artist. I've worked with a lot of artists in the past supporting their work, watching them work and learning, and I am now so excited to bring the world of Douzey to life.

"The anxiety is still there, don't get me wrong, but now I am more aware and confident in what I am doing. I am currently in the editing room doing multiple visual elements, and working with the team at Good Gravy has been amazing, especially since Dylan and I have been friends for 10 years.

"It's so amazing to have someone who says 'Yes and...' to my ideas (or can tell me how ridiculous my ideas are with frankness) and helps make them a reality."

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