Premiere: Stream Daylight Ghost's New Single 'Hook, Line'

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Daylight Ghosts are an indie electro, dark folk duo. Daylight Ghosts are an indie electro, dark folk duo.

Dark folk, indie electro duo Daylight Ghosts newest release is the upbeat 'Hook, Line', whose joyful melody harbours a sorrowfulness as the narrator within the song contemplates angst-ridden thoughts.

The longing, almost pining vocals of Adam Dawe highlight the melancholic nature of the song's lyrical direction, as he and band mate Karl O'Shea allow their new wave/ post-punk influences to seep into the music.

While the addition of the melodica gives the track a colonial folk rub, its sad, wailing tone adding a tactile texture that resonates emotionally.

"I was originally inspired by the Marianne Faithfull/ PJ Harvey collaboration 'No Child Of Mine'," says Karl, "and the idea for the melodica and synth elements came from listening to 'Love Vigilantes' by New Order.

"Jury's out on whether either of those songs are evident in 'Hook, Line'."

What is evident is Daylight Ghosts have crafted a poetic folk ballad that scenestr is proud to premiere today. Enjoy.

"'Hook, Line' is one of Daylight Ghost's more conventional sounding folk songs," adds Adam. "And in the tradition of folk songs, it's something of a protest song. Albeit a personal, insular protest song.

"The phrase 'hook, line and sinker' is used to imply someone has been taken in or fallen for something or someone completely. They've taken the bait and then some!

"This song is called 'Hook, Line' because the narrator maybe hasn't quite taken the bait as much as everyone thinks they have.

"Here they are, ready to 'die' on their metaphorical hill, but in the end, they realise that it's a bit of a con. This monster they've created has sealed their fate."

Daylight Ghosts support Ben Ely at The Bearded Lady (Brisbane) 4 November.



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