Premiere: Stream Danger Den's New Single 'Merch Guy Mike's Favourite Song'

Danger Den are a punk-rock band based in Melbourne.
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Melbourne via Darwin punk rockers, Danger Den's newest arrival is a full-on rock & roll sonic attack brimming with high-octane riffs that'll leave the moshpit vandalised.

After emerging in 2018 inspired by the likes of Green Day, Blink-182 and Taking Back Sunday, in 2022 Danger Den were finalists at the Northern Territory Music Awards following the release of their debut album 'Pull Yourself Together' (featuring 'Sugar Rush' and 'Drag Me Down') in 2021.

Now the band – comprised of Jeremy Uyloan, James McGrath, Liam Terrill, Jamie Beech, and Emiliano Treleani – are ready to showcase their next chapter with the bruising 'Merch Guy Mike's Favourite Song'.

A scorching riff is matched to a chaotic rhythm section bursting with a combustable energy intent on a frenzied attack of dancing feet that'll also have the horns raised. The chugging bassline propels the beat matched by relentless drumming that circles like a hawk looking for a feed.

Mid-song, the band showcase their musicianship with rolling solos between guitar, bass and drums that merges into a single blast of unapologetic rock & roll that'll have you hair-flicking and air-guitaring like Wayne and Garth.

"This song is our attempt at writing a classic rock & roll song," founding member Jeremy says. "I think as a band, we've officially entered our dad-rock phase when we started rewriting this song together as a group."

Ahead of the song's release tomorrow (29 February), scenestr is stoked to premiere 'Merch Guy Mike's Favourite Song' today. Enjoy.

"I started writing this song when I was 14 actually, believe it or not," adds Jeremy. "I've played it live with other bands and it's changed a lot since then.

"Fast-forward to 2023 when I met James McGrath (lead guitar, vocals) and I showed it to him, he put his own spin to it and made it sound heavier.

"At first he started playing it in drop D tuning and I thought that it sounded amazing! James however had another trick up his sleeve. . . while I was playing the main riff in standard, Liam Terrill the other guitarist was playing it in drop D and James started playing it in drop C. So that's three guitars in total with three different tunings!"

While the song's title can be traced back to the band's early days practicing in their parents' basement (totally rad, dudes!). "The title of the song probably has more meaning and more of a story than the lyrics if I'm being honest," Jeremy says.

"We used to call this song 'Jeremy's Song' because I couldn't be bothered naming it for so long.Merch guy Mike was actually my ex drummer's dad who used to help us out with the merch table.

"I remember we used to have band practice at Morgan's (ex drummer) house and every time we played that song Mike (Morgan's dad) would come downstairs and would have a listen and tell us that that song is his favourite song. So I renamed it after him!"

Danger Den play Happy Yess (Darwin) 15 March.

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