Premiere: Stream Dande And The Lion's New Single 'Cheap Choice'

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Dande And The Lion are an indie pop band from Sydney. Dande And The Lion are an indie pop band from Sydney.

Although its subject matter deals with relationship dramas and the associated negativity, Dande And The Lion bring the energy on 'Cheap Choice' – an indie pop track dripping in unabashed charm.

It's a joyous, bright, bubbling instant banger you'll easily find yourself humming along to from the get-go.

The song's opening riff purrs to life with a funky groove that sways back and forth before exploding into a cheeky indie pop rhythm as the chorus hammers home the song's infectious beat: "You could have had it all."

Recorded at Central Coast's The Grove Studios with producer Jack Nigro (Violent Soho, Skegss, DZ Deathrays), scenestr is stoked to premiere 'Cheap Choice' ahead of its release tomorrow (13 January). Enjoy.

"I wrote 'Cheap Choice' a few years back, before Dande And The Lion had formed and just as I was just coming out of a tumultuous relationship," vocalist-guitarist Natassa Zoë says.

"It was also a period in my life when I was feeling especially frustrated, working in a corporate job in which I felt lost and without any real sense of purpose.

"'Cheap Choice' represents feeling taken advantage of and being stuck in something that you're not happy with, whether it be a difficult relationship or a job, and then finding the inner strength to break away from that and align yourself with what truly makes you happy, which for me was Dande And The Lion."

The partnership with Jack also provided the band with an added boost in the studio. "Jack Nigro captured the essence of the track, an upbeat indie pop song with a bite to it," adds vocalist, keyboardist and guitarist Abbey Gardner.

"We still felt like we were missing something for the opening of the song, and at the end of the recording session Tass came up with the perfect riff – such a satisfying moment I'm sure a lot of artists can relate to."

The song's final result was truly a team effort though. "Nicholas [Shea, bassist] and Abbey worked on creating a darker progression moving into the bridge section to help articulate the shift in the story, moving from a helpless perspective to one of empowerment," Natassa says.

"Abbey had a really big influence over the chorus melody and overall tone, which really helped the chorus pop."



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