Premiere: Stream Cold Shores New Single 'Dammit'

Brisbane musician Cold Shores covers blink-182's 'Dammit'. Brisbane musician Cold Shores covers blink-182's 'Dammit'.

Two years removed from his last release, 'Sunshine State Of Mind' EP, Brisbane musician Cold Shores has explored his past to record a slow-burning, surfier cover of a pop-punk classic – blink-182's 'Dammit'.

"I think of 'Dammit' as kinda like my generation's 'Stairway To Heaven'; totally overplayed when I was young, but in retrospect I can really appreciate its genius, and the bittersweet nostalgia of it," says Cold Shores. "It's an ode to my childhood."

The solo moniker of Indy Davies, frontman of rock & roll duo Wakan Phoenix, Cold Shores' music takes on a brooding, new-wave aesthetic, similar to City Calm Down or The National, but his songwriting comes from a broad spectrum of influence.

scenestr is stoked to premiere Cold Shores' 'Dammit' today. Enjoy.

"I always thought of 'Dammit' as a sad song. It's a classic pop-punk nursery rhyme, but there's an underlying loneliness," adds Indy.

Cold Shores is the creative outlet that allows Indy to explore new-wave, post-punk sounds akin to Joy Division, Nick Cave and INXS. He also brings the gentle, lapping sounds of '60s surf-rock bands like Dick Dale and The Beach Boys.

"I wanted to write something more introspective; explore my depressive side. I've been going to the beach a lot though, so it's goth, but the undertone is warm and sunny."



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