Premiere: Stream Cold Shores EP 'C-Sides'

Cold Shores newest EP is titled 'C-Sides'. Cold Shores newest EP is titled 'C-Sides'.

The frontman for rock & roll duo Wakan Phoenix, Indy Davies has used Cold Shores as a creative outlet for his introspection the last three years.

The final instalment of this endeavour (before he focuses on his filmmaking) is the four-track EP 'C-Sides' featuring lead single 'Catch This' as well as his surf-goth cover of Blink-182's 'Dammit'.

While 'She Rides My Brainwaves' could have been lifted from Nirvana's MTV Unplugged set; seriously. "'C-Sides' is an ode to love in lockdown," Cold Shores says.

"The songs reflect the stages I went through during this year's pandemic: Optimism, isolation and longing, reflection, and epiphany/ self-reliance."

'Catch This' is a surf-themed new-wave track, with a dancey feel and lo-fi edge and continues Cold Shores brooding, new-wave aesthetic, similar to City Calm Down or The National.

scenestr is excited to premiere the 'C-Sides' EP today. Enjoy.

As he moves into filmmaking, Indy has road-tested his skills with an accompanying music video clip fro 'Catch This' that was filmed on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast (on a 1976 super 8mm film camera).

"The video for my new single 'Catch This' (Optimism) was recorded DIY style on beautiful sunny days spent at the beach, escaping isolation with my love, on my 1976 super 8mm camera.

"It's an ode to love as a saviour in lockdown, and 'Catch This' was written in a moment of reprieve and optimism, hence the more upbeat vibe."



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