Premiere: Stream Charm Of Finches' New Single 'The Bridge'

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Charm Of Finches new single is titled 'The Bridge'. Charm Of Finches new single is titled 'The Bridge'. Image © Adalita Srsen

Melbourne's harmony-weaving sister duo Charm Of Finches will release their new single, 'The Bridge', this Friday (20 July). But scenestr has the heads-up, premiering the song today. Bonus round.

The song was inspired by an experience the two (Mabel and Ivy Windred-Wornes) had late last year while heading north to perform at Woodford FolK Festival.

"We were walking across a bridge when we came upon a group of young people, probably not much older than us, who were obviously grieving," Mabel says.

"There were flowers and beer cans hanging from the bridge, and we found out their friend had jumped off the bridge during a party and didn't make it.

"This stayed with us all day. As a young person, how do you deal with losing someone who was so young and had their whole life ahead of them? We had also been through this experience and it's very intense and complex. That evening we wrote a song as a kind of ode to our experience that day."

Recorded with producer Nick Huggins (Two Bright Lakes), 'The Bridge' features piano, glockenspiel, cello, violin, guitar and uke (all played by Mabel and Ivy). "In terms of the arrangement and production of this song, we were really inspired by Sufjan Stevens and his dreamy production on 'Carrie and Lowell'," Mabel says.

"We worked with producer Nick Huggins on our debut album and we returned to his peaceful studio in Point Lonsdale (near Geelong) to get creative for this song.

"He has a rustic, old piano which we tinkled on playfully while we were waiting around. Nick recorded it casually and it ended up being the opening sounds of the track.

"We love working with Nick. He's right in the creative flow from the very start. He's very open. It's also important for us to play all the different instruments on our recordings, so that dictates the sound too. Ivy has been deep into exploring Celtic fiddle, so the solo on the track has that vibe."

Charm Of Finches launch 'The Bridge' next month with a home-town show before a series of east-coast performances.

Charm Of Finches Tour Dates

Sat 18 Aug - Horti Hall (Melbourne)* single launch
Sat 25 Aug - The Skylark Room (Melbourne)
Sun 26 Aug - The Bridge Hotel (Castlemaine, VIC)
Wed 26 Sep - FolksWagon (Sydney)
Thu 27 Sep - Smith's Alternative (Canberra)


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