Premiere: Stream Cedarsmoke's New EP 'Everything Is The Worst'

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Cedarsmoke's new EP is titled 'Everything Is The Worst'. Cedarsmoke's new EP is titled 'Everything Is The Worst'.

Brisbane band Cedarsmoke are quickly emerging as forerunners to the next batch of great indie music Australia produces.

Their late 2018 single 'Let The Wind Blow' was a gorgeous slice of sunny indie pop married to a brash, rocky riff that gave the track an appealing one-two punch.

Now they present a magnificent collection of indie pop, indie rock charm in the form of new EP, 'Everything Is The Worst'.

The EP explores sensitive topics like the gripping reality of death, scrapping through depression and the monotony of life. In the world we know face, these are issues more pertinent than ever.

Ahead of the EP's commercial release tomorrow (27 March), Cedarsmoke have shared an exclusive stream of 'Everything Is The Worst' with scenestr that we're pumped to premiere today. Enjoy.

Lead single 'Pure Heroin' explores the tragic love story of Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen, Cedarsmoke creating one of 2019's instant indie classics in the process. "Their story is stranger than fiction, just surreal, and I wanted to write about it," frontman and songwriter Jon Cloumassis told us in November 2019. The bright, pop melodies battle the dark lyrical content with beautiful results.

'Keep Passing The Open Windows' feels like a post-'90s classic ready to unleash head nods at a moment's notice.

'The Grim Reaper's Song' is an ideal mid-set change of pace song; the capability to slow an intense crowd, but mellow them with some solid songwriting plus musicianship that belongs as much on the big stage as any dusty dive shack. Who knew Death enjoys pop as much as the blues. Dom Walker would be impressed fellows.

'Local Anaesthetic' quickens the pace with tinges of alt. country Australiana mingling with an edgy rock aesthetic, singer Jon employing a more gravely vocal approach. Pukka.

Final track 'Feel Bad Hit Of The Summer' is a piano ballad that tugs at the heart strings, but gives a little nugget of hope. "Lyrically, the EP looks at death from different angles, including having a song written from Death's point of view," the band says.

"Musically, we tried to offset this as much as possible with upbeat music and pop structures to accompany the dark lyrical themes."

I'd say that's mission accomplished lads.



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