Premiere: Stream Burning Jacobs Ladder's Debut EP 'EP/1'

Burning Jacobs Ladder is the artistic moniker of Jake Johnson. Burning Jacobs Ladder is the artistic moniker of Jake Johnson.

The moniker of British expat now Aussie citizen Jake Johnson, welcome to the glorious psych-alternative world of Burning Jacobs Ladder where guitar tones generate goosebumps and Jake's vocals linger with a purpose to draw you down a path to epic rock hangs.

It was only in December that Burning Jacobs Ladder released his debut single 'Danger In Me', and with another two singles already out the rock-blues artist is ready to unleash his debut EP, creatively titled 'EP/1'. Simples.

"It's a diverse collection of works written at a time when I was finding my feet again as a writer and producer, almost an experiment to see what I could do with the knowledge I had learnt so far," Jake says.

"All the songs were written over a two-year period. I think this shows as the songs cover different genres and are quite individual from one another.

"Although that was unintentional it does play into my ethos for writing as I like to make music spanning different genres and would not like to be pigeonholed to just one."

Ahead of the release tomorrow of 'EP/1', scenestr is pumped to premiere an exclusive stream of Burning Jacobs Ladder's debut EP. Enjoy.

The opening track, 'Danger In Me' features hints of sludgy, droning psych-rock escaping throughout a solid base of driving alternative rock that wails with an intensity that'll hook your ear drums first, then affect your swaying hips.

'Dystopian Blues' follows and you'll instantly enter a BRMC-like landscape of strangled guitar licks, bruised drumming, vanquished vocals and a desire to let loose with an epic mosh.

Those Black Rebel Motorcycle Club feels surge strong from the opening tones of 'Seventh Fever Of The Mind', a meandering psych waltz that transport you back in time or sideways to a '60s freak-out.

'Seeking The Light' is the EP's epic journey clocking in at well over six minutes, it's a dirge ride of haunting grooves and melodic riffs that heighten throughout, the momentum generated fusing together for a gloomy-piano outro that highlights Burning Jacobs Ladder diverse musical spectrum.

The sounds of acoustic guitar lead final track 'Cleanse The Soul', its alt. country, blues-rock refrain back-boning a deeply personal story about Johnson's friend who tried to take their life.



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