Premiere: Stream BUFFY's New Single 'Rollercoaster'

BUFFY is an electronic artist from Melbourne - image © Michelle Pitris
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Self-described as a bit of a loner and a dreamer who makes music, BUFFY has been crafting emotive-driven dance music the last couple of years.

First developing her craft as a frontwoman in Melbourne's underground punk scene, BUFFY decided to level up, immersing herself in the world of production learning the studio tools needed to create intelligent dancefloor fillers.

A series of single releases since mid 2021 has seen BUFFY sign a publishing deal with Kobalt, while Mallrat's official DJ, Denim remixed BUFFY's single 'Why Don't You Stop'.

Last month, BUFFY dropped the ethereal, evocative track 'Clear'. Now she's ready to unleash another powerfully deep ball of EDM in the form of 'Rollercoaster'.

Glossy, shiny house-pop tones are melded to a throbbing rhythm that delivers an intensity channelling pent-up energy as BUFFY sings about selfish people who consistently suck energy from those around them – who take and then take some more.

Ahead of the song's release tomorrow (25 October), scenestr is thrilled to premiere 'Rollercoaster' today. Enjoy.

BUFFY worked with Lucy Blomkamp (Mallrat, ninajirachi, Ta-Ku, 6lack) who produced 'Rollercoaster'.

"There are some people in your life, that no matter how much you give, they just keep taking and taking," shares BUFFY. "This song was written about a time I was spiralling, when I'd given so much and got nothing back.

"But though I felt worse than empty, I came to realise I'm still here, you haven't taken everything. There was still plenty of me left, I just had to stop the rollercoaster and get off."

So join BUFFY in rolling down the car window and yelling: "All you do is take, take, take / My heart's just not built that way / I know you're just my mind."

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