Premiere: Stream Brigitte Bardini's New Single 'Fantasy Love'

Brigitte Bardini is a Melbourne-based electro-pop artist.
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Melbourne-based artist Brigitte Bardini's newest release, 'Fantasy Love', is another serving of elegant, seductive electro-pop that tantalises the senses.

After exploring the sonic territory of an acoustic singer-songwriter with her first releases (2020-2021), Brigitte has branched into the realm of electro and dark wave with her recent projects.

Written, recorded and produced solely by Bardini, and mixed and mastered by Jono of Good Mood Melbourne, 'Fantasy Love' follows Brigitte's previous single, the uptempo synthpop banger 'Start A Fire' (released in September, and her first release of new music in two years).

A swirling, intoxicatingly sensual, otherworldly electronic synth-scape opens 'Fantasy Love', stirring the emotions before a hypnotically throbbing techno beat blasts off.

Brigitte's angelic, celestial vocals – that are a potent mix of Kylie and Roisin Murphy flavours – draw you further into the song's fast and heavy rhythm and the escapism implied by the lyrics.

"I think we've all fantasised about something or someone we can't have and dwelled in a small delusion a bit too long whether we realise it or not," shares Brigitte.

"'Fantasy Love' is my own confession of leaning into love in times of struggle or even boredom. There are so many blurred lines when growing feelings for someone and it's not easy to know where to stand or whether to act on it.

"In the lyrics I confess embracing the 'delusion' and 'illusion' of love and using it as a fantasy in times of struggle."

Ahead of the song's release tomorrow (10 November), scenestr is thrilled to premiere 'Fantasy Love' today. Enjoy.

"'Fantasy Love' was inspired by artists like Underworld, Kylie Minogue, Roisin Murphy and Goldfrapp," adds Bardini. "I was experimenting a lot with different styles of electronic music in my production and found myself wanting to rely on as few elements as possible to create the foundation for this track.

"Strangely enough, 'Fantasy Love''s warm bass and atmospheric synths really remind me of the time away down at the beach with friends when I was a teenager.

"I think the whole concept of the track really ties in with the feeling of being away from responsibilities in balmy weather and by the ocean. Being somewhere calmer where a fantasy can comfortably exist without any painful wake-up calls."

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