Premiere: Stream BLUSSH's New Single 'Better Than This'

BLUSSH are a punk band from Brisbane.
Our eclectic team of writers from around Australia – and a couple beyond – with decades of combined experience and interest in all fields.

After a 2019 that saw their DIY ethos release their debut EP and tour nationally, while solidifying their reputation for 'raw, reckless and wildly unhinged' live shows, Brisbane punks BLUSSH are back with the raucous new single 'Better Than This'.

The trio of Kelly Schinkel (vocals/ guitar), Stacey Schinkel (bass) and Sophia De Marco (drums) recorded and mixed 'Better Than This' at Airlock Studios with Steve Kempnich.

They bring their shared passion for '90s punks HOLE, L7, Babes In Toyland and The Distillers to the fore on 'Better Than This', a song Kelly says explores those negative moments we all encounter when it feels the world has conspired against you.

"'Better Than This' drudges up feelings of despair and hope from moments we all go through as humans, those rough spells where life just feels like you've taken blow after blow, after blow and you just start to give up and fade out.

"You lose your way, your sense of self and the world feels unrelenting and a little less sweet. It's in those times when you really start to question everything, and it can really spin you out and take you to some wild places that are pretty untrue, but feel incredibly real.

"Until one day or a cascade of moments, you snap out of that 'I'm destitute to forever drown in this' vision and realise you have a choice, you can break the sh.t you tell yourself and how you exist in the world.

"It truly is a song of a mind at war with itself, the rinse and repeat of bitter beliefs/ actions vs. the idea life can be better, richer and more than this."

Ahead of the song's release tomorrow, scenestr is stoked to premiere 'Better Than This' today. Enjoy.

"In true BLUSSH form," adds Kelly, "we just aggressively drop you into this battle from the get go, which I think is a testament to how these moments often present themselves in life; you don't really get the luxury of forewarning, and you can feel that within the song's tension right from the opening bassline to the entire track's build which drives that feeling of despair in a state of total despair to a complete breaking point.

"I'd like to think the track leaves the listener feeling more realised of strength despite the heavy load of what's gone down. The sentiment of being pulled apart but better built is what we are handing out. . . in all its raw, ugly and unsavoury elements. "Life isn't always peaches and cream guys, haha. I think it's important to express that, confess it but also not get cemented in that idea that the world is out to get you or you aren't built for it."

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