Premiere: Stream Before The King's New Single 'Low Expectations'

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Sydney indie rockers, Before The King's new single is titled 'Low Expectations'. Sydney indie rockers, Before The King's new single is titled 'Low Expectations'.

Whether it's an early wake-up, running really fast, day drinking, or conquering your fears, Before The King's new single 'Low Expectations' is an upbeat, punchy slice of indie rock that will rattle around your head as your new, favourite ear worm.

A celebration of being young and carefree, the garage, post-punk revivalists worked with producer Clayton Segelov on 'Low Expectations' at Sydney's Brain Studios.

"With most of our songs, the lyrics have come really naturally and in the moment," singer-guitarist Dean Smusko, who vocals hint at Arctic Monkeys' Alex Turner, says.

"'Low Expectations' is one of the few times I really had to work for them. I went through quite a few drafts, talking about different ideas or experiences, but none of them were sitting right with me.

"The inspiration that finally broke the creative floodgates was a night where I lied about my age to impress a girl.

"There was something really strange about that experience – I couldn't change my age, so why did I feel the need to lie about it? Perhaps because I didn't feel good enough."

Ahead of the release tomorrow of 'Low Expectations', scenestr is stoked to premiere Before The King's newest single today. Enjoy.

"The girl I was with didn't even end up caring about my age," adds Dean, picking up the story. "In the end, it was just a projection. But the thing I kept repeating to myself while lying to her was 'low expectations'.

"It was an old piece of wisdom that had been bouncing around my head for some years, about how the secret to happiness is lowering your expectations. If you could do that, you'd never be disappointed.

"Since writing the song, the phrase 'low expectations' has become kind of a mantra to us. No matter what we do or how hard we try, we always have low expectations. That way we're always happy."



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