Premiere: Stream Ban Micah's New Single 'I Can't Even'

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Sydney hip hop artist, Ban Micah's new single is titled 'I Can't Even'. Sydney hip hop artist, Ban Micah's new single is titled 'I Can't Even'.

Sydney-based hip hop artist Ban Micah is ready to unveil his newest single, the self-produced 'I Can't Even' that features slick production and catchy rhythms which make you want to bounce.

His second single of 2020, Ban originally wrote 'I Can't Even' in 2017 but revisited the original stems and ideas earlier this year.

With an intro reminiscent of '80s disco, house music, Ban drops in with classic R&B grooves and an upbeat tempo that highlight some of his influences: Aminé and Andre 3000.

"So, going into the making of this track, I was bumping a lot of '80s R&B and disco, like Evelyn 'Champagne' King/Billy Ocean/ George Benson etc. Thus I had that whole vibe in my head when I went looking for key samples and also creating the drums."

With 'I Can't Even' ready to drop this Friday (6 November), scenestr is stoked to premiere the song today. Enjoy.

Lyrically, 'I Can't Even' is a story about the ups and downs of new love and what happens when we move on. "I had just come to the end of a pretty overwhelming relationship," begins Ban.

"I won't get too deep into details, but let's just say the whole thing was bad enough for me to write a song about it.

"I think the best thing about this track and, to be honest, my favourite thing about most of the tracks that I love listening to is that, it's heaviness is filtered through a bouncy groove that can really make you miss the darker theme if you're not paying attention to the lyrics."



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