Premiere: Stream Bad Moon Born's New Single 'Light Leaves The Day'

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Bad Moon Born are an alternative rock band from Sydney. Bad Moon Born are an alternative rock band from Sydney.

The fifth and final instalment in the band's 'The Heart From The Hollow' single series, Sydney alt rockers Bad Moon Born showcase a softer, melodic side with 'Light Leaves The Day'.

A track that also encompasses frontman Jordan Von Grae's personal journey to sobriety after battling drug addictions, 'Light Leaves The Day' is a grainy, gritty alternative rock-folk ballad whose searching and honest lyrics create an emotional bedrock that energises the song.

There's a resonance when Jordan sings "Can I be saved? Can I be saved?", which will touch many who have shared a similar experience – whether directly or indirectly.

"'Light Leaves The Day' addresses a time when I'd been newly sober following several years of chronic alcoholism and drug abuse," Jordan, who is also the group's lyricist, says.

"The initial clarity that came with sobriety brought several unaddressed mental health issues to the forefront, leaving me to confront them unaided through means of self-medication.

"It forced me into a terrifying loop of introspection which, through therapy and the support of my loved ones, ultimately resulted in a newfound desire to commit to my personal development and change my behaviour.

"The song was written at a time when I was new to this change and whilst I was hopeful for the future, I was terrified that my efforts wouldn't be enough to save the relationships I'd damaged throughout this time.

"Eighteen months on, I can safely say that committing to sobriety has been the best decision I've ever made."

Ahead of the song's release tomorrow (12 January), scenestr is amped to premiere 'Light Leaves The Day' today. Enjoy.

Produced and mixed by the group's guitarist Voya with mastering by Chris Blancato (Northlane, Glass Ocean), Bad Moon Born recorded 'Light Leaves The Day' with the intention of creating a more mellow version of the band.

"When we sat down to write the songs for 'The Heart From the Hollow' singles collection, Jordan suggested including a ballad to help balance out the heaviness of the other tracks," Voya says.

"I had a couple of acoustic ideas in 3/4 I'd been playing with and decided to arrange them with multiple synths in a way that didn't give it the feel of a 'typical' ballad.

"I was sort of envisioning it as a ballad composed by aliens, with enough nostalgic and latter-day elements to please a wide array of beings.

"When we got together to go through the lyrics and vocal melodies, everything fell into place quite naturally."

The band are currently working on their new album that is due out later this year.



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